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Louis Vuitton Miroir Line

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Metallic bags are the bags to carry this holiday season and the IT bag to be seen with is the new Louis Vuitton Miroir Line. Janet Jackson has been photographed carrying this new IT bag, even though the new Miroir line does not officially launch until December 1. The frenzy surrounding this launch is comparable to the 2003 launch of the Cherry Blossom line, with stores only receiving limited numbers of each bag and the wait lists being extremely long.

Janet Jackson Louis Vuitton Miroir Line

The full Miroir line includes bags representing Louis Vuitton’s most iconic and recognizable shapes: Speedy, Papillon, Keepall, Alma, and Pochette. The line comes in two different colors: Silver and Gold. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of this new line, in fact the silver seems oddly reminiscent of aluminum foil and if you have trouble finding a mirror to touch up your makeup you can always use your bag! In addition, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to draw attention to yourself with your bag then this is definitely not for you. Another major problem that is holding me back from loving this line is that the Speedy comes with a price tag of $1330 USD and is made of PVC, therefore causing me to question the durability of such a pricey bag. That said, the frenzy surrounding the Miroir line is unlikely to die down anytime soon and if you are contemplating buying one you should call Louis Vuitton immediately to place yourself on the waiting list, so that you can be one of the first to be carrying this season’s IT bag!

Note: Prices on the above picture were listed prices before recent price increase. Prices on this line have increased approximately 10%. For more information on wait lists and prices call: 1-866-VUITTON or check the Louis Vuitton online boutique.

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For those who will do some Louis Vuitton shopping during the upcoming holiday season, you are in for a pleasant treat! My favorite French fashion designer commissioned the renowned artist Olafur Eliasson to create Eye See You, an art project that will be shown throughout the Christmas holiday period 2006 in more than 350 Vuitton stores worldwide. All commission fees and money from the sale of a special edition of Eye See You go solely to

I think I am going to have to take Megs to the 5th Ave flagship store to check out the display myself. ;-)

Gucci UNICEF Handbags

The following news just in:

Gucci has continued its partnership with UNICEF this season in their 2006 Holiday campaign which will benefit UNICEF programs that aid children in Africa.

From November 21st to December 31st, Gucci will donate 20 percent of the sales from a luxurious collection of items designed by Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini. The proceeds will specifically benefit education and health services to children in Mozambique, where nearly three-quarters of a million children are directly affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hot stuff! It appears that companies have really fueled the awareness for the poorest of the poor recently. Bono’s Red Campaign is one of the big ones, involving a lot of ginormous corporations, like Limited and Apple. Learn more about the Gucci UNICEF campaign at FWD. Credit for the pictures goes to FWD as well:

Gucci UNICEF Handbags

Gucci UNICEF Handbags

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Tumi Bernadette Slim Golf BagFor the love of me I can not golf. And believe me I have tried. I come from a family of golfers. My dad would golf everyday if he could (I assume once he retires he will). My brothers both golf. My dad’s brothers golf. My dad’s dad golfs. I enjoy driving the cart and going to the clubhouse. Go figure. On a serious note, you all should know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For this month, I will continue to show you all products that go toward Breast Cancer research, foundations, awareness, etc. My pick for today is the Tumi Bernadette Slim Golf Bag. If you can actually play golf, play for a purpose and for a cure. This pink athletic bag is made of waterproof nylon with leather trim and features 6-way dividers, numerous pockets and a removable rain hood. And like I mentioned, this golf bag supports a good cause; part of the proceeds from the sale of this bag goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. While I may not be a golf pro, I am sure many of you ladies out there are (and men that happen to see this, what better gift for your wife? ;-) ) Check out this stylin’ pink golf bag which will be available the month of October via Tumi for $450.

{thanks SimpleCase}

Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection

Right when you arrive at a hotel, you expect the bellhop to be at your service. As a child I remember thinking it was really neat to have the bellhop take our bags to our room. If the bellhop was really nice, he would let me ride on the bag carrier. Louis Vuitton had an ad in 1921 that inspired their new Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection. After all LV has been a provider of luxury travel gear from the start. At the top left we have the Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Pochette Cles. The groom screen print is placed on top of a two-color yellow and white stripe. The golden chain and hook can be used as a key holder or bag charm. The cles is available via eLuxury for $200. Top left is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Agenda PM which sizes up at 4″ x 6″ and has a golden snap closure at the center. The interior has three credit card slots, a leather pen holder (which of course fits an LV agenda pen), and holds the small ring agenda refill. The agenda PM can be bought for $300 via eLuxury. Bottom left is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Compact Zipped Wallet which brings a cute vibe to your money holder of choice. There is blue colored grained calf lining along with a zip change purse, three credit card slots, two slot pockets, and a bill pocket. The wallet is available via eLuxury for $540. Lastly, we have the Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Porte Monnaie Rond which pairs its circular shape with a golden zip closure and golden chain and hook. The Rond is ready for you to snatch via eLuxury for $245.

So there you have the LV Groom Collection for now, what are your thoughts? :-)

Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Snakeskin BagToday, September the 6th, marks a special day. It’s the day that Ms PurseBlog Herself, Megs, celebrates her birthday! Yay baby, I love you, Happy Birthday. While I am still stuck in Columbus and only will be flying out tomorrow to go visit her in Florida, it’s already party time here at the PB! Feel free to congratulate her in the comments section or on the forum in Roo’s thread.

Speaking of party time… this Bottega Veneta bag looks like party time! Megs actually stumbled across it a few hours ago, before Net-A-Porter reported an error on the page the bag was listed at. Who knows, maybe it was just sold out tonight? Doubtful, as the bag will require the buyer to dash out over $5,000 – and the probability of someone buying it tonight – within a short time frame – is pretty slim. But you never know.

Some stats: The limited edition bag has a braided leather handle with silver hardware, multi-colored snakeskin horizontal stripes with gray stitching, slight ruching at top and a hidden clasp fastening at top. The BV bag is lined in blue suede with a silver limited edition plaque on zip fastening pocket inside. In size it measures 12.5 by 6.5 by 5 inches. If you feel like checking NAP for more info, click here.

Fendi Wisteria Spy

To wrap things up for today, I’ve saved the best for last. For the past months, there’s been a huge fuzz about the Fendi Wisteria Spy. Finding a Wisteria Spy seemed like hopelessly chasing a phantom. I would like to share why this was the case.

The Wisteria represent the ultimate peak of exclusivity. It is that rare that even the Fendi SA in Hawaii didn’t really know what to do when he was inquired about it. The Fendi corporate office finally managed to dispatch a picture of the Erlkönig itself. This bag takes at least 30 days to manufacture. Relatively speaking, that is more than a Maybach takes to produce. The reserve list for this bag is only 3 in the whole U.S. Only 25 to 30 bags of this kind will ever see the light of the day, ever. The U.S. headquarters agreed to purchase only 10 bags total, for only those customers who reserve them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t have one. As much as you hope and wish, beg and sob, you will never own one. Not even remotely. I wish I could put it any clearer, but I can’t.

Now I will just have to deal with my woman bothering me for the rest of the year about why she can’t have one. Life is really tough sometimes.

Fendi Tokyo Squirrel Spy

Sometimes I wonder where the high-end fashion designers take their inspirations from. For this Fendi “Tokyo Squirrel” Crystal and Embroidery on Denim Spy, it is quite obvious where the idea for this version came from. It makes me chuckle to imagine a designer strolling through a park in suburban Tokyo, seeing two squirrels doing their thing and turning it into a limited edition handbag. Whatever works, I guess. This doesn’t rank among my favorites, but I still wanted to give it an honorable mention, since it’s Fendi Weekend and all…

Fendi Spy Bag Matisse Edition

This limited edition Fendi Matisse Spy is new for S/S 06. Personally, I never had much of a special regard for arts. But when it came down to it, I’ve always had favorites that I loved to look at. Monet, Picasso and Matisse always managed to impress me the most. I truely believe that Henry would have loved to see his impressionistic works on these exclusive bags; I think the Spy looks gorgeous in this version. A wonderful symbiosis of fashion and art, like I haven’t seen it in a while. Each piece is hand painted, which makes each bag in the limited series completely unique.

Fendi Crackled Suede Spy

I can’t ever get enough of the Spy. And neither can Fendi. This Fendi Crackled Suede Spy is part of the Limited Edition line of Spy bags, there are only 15 available for the US. What a flashy bag that is… not only do you get the brilliant Spy shape, but also the eyecatching effect of shiny metallic suede. Love it!

Extra info: This bag runs for almost $5,800, for those of you who might be interested in putting it on special order.

Banana Republic Floral Geisha Bag

Lookin’ for a floral print bag with a little something extra? Personally, floral pattern is not always my thing- it is very hit or miss for me. Many times a miss, but a few times there has been a hit. Banana Republic’s Floral Geisha Bag is on the brink for me. This bag is part of the new limited edition collection from Banana Republic, made of silk and showing off some dangling tassel knots. Actually, I think if I could just chop off the tassels I might really like this bag. I haven’t seen a silk bag in a while, and this one is pretty cute. Along with the dark purple/blue silk body and floral pattern of the bag is pink rose-motif handles (acrylic handles) which I dig. The rose- motif and the rest of the bag intertwines a little Orient with a little flavor. Other specs on this bag that you might want to know about are: a magnetic flap closure, an inner zip pocket, satin lining, and overall dimensions being 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ x 3″. Nab this flavorful bag just under $50 { $48 via Banana Republic }.

For those of you who are not aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am sure many of you know women or have personally been affected by Breast Cancer. I have not only had family members who have died from it, but dealt with my own huge scare just a year and a half ago. Luckily, I am fine, but from that day on I began to try to help support the cause. Whether it is donating money to research, taking part in triathlons, or just telling the woman next to me at the cancer center that she would be another courageous and beautiful fighter, I have tried to be a part of fighting for a cure.

Coach Positively Pink WatchCoach has joined the Fight Against Breast Cancer for the month of October by giving $100 in proceeds from each Positively Pink Watch toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Coach Positively Pink Watch is not only cute but also will make your heart feel good since it is for a good cause. As if the specs really even matter, since all of us as women should be contributing to breast cancer research, but this watch is made beautifully with some of the most gorgeous details. The watch features Swiss quartz, mineral crystal, and a silver dial with Swarvoski crystal. The theme is pink, so the watch has a pink bezel, a pieced pink leather strap, and has an engraved ribbon logo on the back of the stainless steel case. If this isn’t enough, you can also count on the watch to be water resistant to 99 feet. On sale for $298 via Coach (remember $100 of those dollars goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation), this watch could not be for a better cause and could not adorn you in pink any better.

Coach Multi-Jeweled Keyfob If you want to really go all out, or chose between one or the other, Coach also has Special Edition Multi-Jeweled Keyfob. If you have been looking for a cute little key ring, this one may be the winner- not to mention 50% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This pretty little key ring is decorated with a cluster of crystals set in silver Coach logos. To spread the hope, the enamel of the keyfob is in a pretty pink color. The keyring is nickel and measures 1 1/2”. If the watch was too much, there is no reason all of us can’t spread some hope and love by buying this keyfob- which is a mere $58 via Coach (remember half of the proceeds of this will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation).

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