Tumi Bernadette Slim Golf BagFor the love of me I can not golf. And believe me I have tried. I come from a family of golfers. My dad would golf everyday if he could (I assume once he retires he will). My brothers both golf. My dad’s brothers golf. My dad’s dad golfs. I enjoy driving the cart and going to the clubhouse. Go figure.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection

Right when you arrive at a hotel, you expect the bellhop to be at your service. As a child I remember thinking it was really neat to have the bellhop take our bags to our room. If the bellhop was really nice, he would let me ride on the bag carrier. Louis Vuitton had an ad in 1921 that inspired their new Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection.

Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Snakeskin BagToday, September the 6th, marks a special day. It’s the day that Ms PurseBlog Herself, Megs, celebrates her birthday! Yay baby, I love you, Happy Birthday. While I am still stuck in Columbus and only will be flying out tomorrow to go visit her in Florida, it’s already party time here at the PB! Feel free to congratulate her in the comments section or on the forum in Roo’s thread.

Fendi Wisteria Spy

To wrap things up for today, I’ve saved the best for last. For the past months, there’s been a huge fuzz about the Fendi Wisteria Spy. Finding a Wisteria Spy seemed like hopelessly chasing a phantom. I would like to share why this was the case.

The Wisteria represent the ultimate peak of exclusivity. It is that rare that even the Fendi SA in Hawaii didn’t really know what to do when he was inquired about it.

Fendi Tokyo Squirrel Spy

Sometimes I wonder where the high-end fashion designers take their inspirations from. For this Fendi “Tokyo Squirrel” Crystal and Embroidery on Denim Spy, it is quite obvious where the idea for this version came from. It makes me chuckle to imagine a designer strolling through a park in suburban Tokyo, seeing two squirrels doing their thing and turning it into a limited edition handbag.

Fendi Spy Bag Matisse Edition

This limited edition Fendi Matisse Spy is new for S/S 06. Personally, I never had much of a special regard for arts. But when it came down to it, I’ve always had favorites that I loved to look at. Monet, Picasso and Matisse always managed to impress me the most. I truely believe that Henry would have loved to see his impressionistic works on these exclusive bags; I think the Spy looks gorgeous in this version.

Fendi Crackled Suede Spy

I can’t ever get enough of the Spy. And neither can Fendi. This Fendi Crackled Suede Spy is part of the Limited Edition line of Spy bags, there are only 15 available for the US. What a flashy bag that is… not only do you get the brilliant Spy shape, but also the eyecatching effect of shiny metallic suede. Love it!

Banana Republic Floral Geisha Bag

Lookin’ for a floral print bag with a little something extra? Personally, floral pattern is not always my thing- it is very hit or miss for me. Many times a miss, but a few times there has been a hit. Banana Republic’s Floral Geisha Bag is on the brink for me. This bag is part of the new limited edition collection from Banana Republic, made of silk and showing off some dangling tassel knots.

For those of you who are not aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am sure many of you know women or have personally been affected by Breast Cancer. I have not only had family members who have died from it, but dealt with my own huge scare just a year and a half ago. Luckily, I am fine, but from that day on I began to try to help support the cause.

Bottega Veneta HandbagSometimes you can never truly appreciate a bag and really understand its beauty until you see it up close. While I spent all of August in Europe, I indulged myself in shopping and browsing which helped me truly understand many designers and the workmanship that goes into their pieces. A key example of this is Bottega Veneta. They are a fairly new company, but their bags have made a loud entrance into the purse and handbag market.

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