Born Free Celine Tote Bag

It takes a truly special cause to get brands as exclusive as Celine and Prada to abandon their normally sky-high pricing structures, but with Born Free, they’ve done just that. Born Free is a charity fashion initiative that combines the powers of Vogue and ShopBop to bring together 22 top designers in an effort to end fetal AIDS transmission worldwide by December 31, 2015. A big part of that effort will be a limited edition run of special pieces designed by some of the biggest names in fashion.

On the handbag end, the most exciting piece is the Celine tote above, which, like all of the pieces, features one of a handful of custom prints designed by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu. The bag is all canvas and made in China, but both the price is right and the cause is good, so we won’t blame anyone who picks one up. Check out all the handbags in the collaboration below or shop the full collection (including a totally gorgeous Prada skirt for less than $300) via ShopBop. And you should feel good about shopping – every purchase price will be matched by the MAC AIDS Fund.

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  • N

    i cant find the celine bag anymore?

    • Bea Iturregui

      It looks like it sold out already, but if it comes back in stock that link will take you directly to the product page!

      • Megs Mahoney Dusil

        I knew it was going to vanish! It is so chic and for a great cause!

  • abigail

    any idea when the celine bag will come back in stock? i have to have it! also going to buy my nephew that adorable versace t-shirt!

  • Ana

    NOOOOOOO the Celine bag is gone! Are they going to restock?

    • Bea Iturregui

      They just restocked the Celine bag!! Here it is:

      • Ana

        I got it the last time they had a couple left in stock. :) Thanks for the update, though!

  • A

    I’ve just asked CS – seems like they won’t be restocking the bag. So gutted.

    • Bea Iturregui

      The bag has just been restocked! Buy it here:

  • Paper Bag Princess

    I’d rather donate the money right to the cause than wear/parade these designs…

  • A

    It’s back in stock guys! Grab ‘em quickly!

  • Ana

    Two left in stock!

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