Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag
If writing for PurseBlog has taught me only one thing, it’s that half of the handbag world thinks everyone is ripping off Chanel. Is the bag quilted? Chanel rip-off. Does it have a chain? Chanel rip-off.

Don’t get me wrong; I love me some questionably tasteful animal print more than almost anyone. And I love it most in bright colors that real leopards certainly don’t come in. So, in theory, I should really like the Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch.

I find myself often thinking about whether or not a non-leather bag can be worth big bucks. I’ve come to varying conclusions – if it’s covered in Swarovski, then maybe. If it’s entirely handmade, maybe. If it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, maybe.

Today is a great day. First of all, it has finally stopped raining. It’s been raining down here in South Florida for the past few days. Although the rain is usually received with a warm welcome, it is a friendly reminder that the rainy season is on it’s way.

Lanvin Happy Square Silk Bag St. Patrick’s Day has become every single persons holiday. On this day, everyone is Irish. Not hard to imagine why. It is a day with all the excuses in the world to drink pints of green beer and tell people to Kiss you, because you are Irish.

Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg ToteCanvas: how much are we willing to pay for it? I found myself wondering that when I saw the Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg Tote today. My initial reaction was that it was adorable and French in a wonderful way, and that it would be great with a white top and jeans.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Lanvin Kentucky Tote
Image via GR

These days you can look totally chic on your way to and from the gym. My problem is that when I leave a work out, my hair looks like a total scary mess (lots of random curling etc), my face is red, my body is tired, and my clothes most def do not smell great.

Lanvin Metallic Montrogueil HandbagSleek sophistication at its finest, the Lanvin Metallic Montrogueil Handbag features a sheer metallic gold leather on a stunning structured bag. Lanvin has hit big in the past year, with simple bags that show style and class.

A Lanvin handbag is an easy way to say, “I’m a classy chick.” This Lanvin bag says, “I’m a classy chick but I can rock a giant silver chain.” I love this bag. I wish it were mine.

What is up with Jessica Simpson being the handbag guru of all time? Seriously if I owned about 1/546 of what she owns, my life would feel complete. She seems to be a major handbag and purse trend setter.