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Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag
If writing for PurseBlog has taught me only one thing, it’s that half of the handbag world thinks everyone is ripping off Chanel. Is the bag quilted? Chanel rip-off. Does it have a chain? Chanel rip-off. A flap? Chanel rip-off. And honestly, I think a lot of that is truly and utterly silly. Chanel may have used a lot of those things first, but the idea that until the end of time, every bag that uses any of those elements is just redoing their aesthetic is kind of extreme. Designers should be free to use reference designs of the past without being accused of purse plagiarism.

But then I see a bag like the Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag and wonder if maybe the Chanel conspiracy theorists are on to something, at least in some cases. This bag, admittedly, looks an awful lot like it could have been designed by Kaiser Karl himself, and I had to do a double-take when I first saw it listed online. The bag is soft, black and quilted, although the quilts are slightly bigger than Chanel’s signature. The handle is not only chain but also partially encases a ribbon that ends in a big bow, which I’m sure I’ve seen in almost the exact same iteration in Chanel’s famed costume jewelry. It doesn’t have a flap, but neither do all Chanel bags, and the overall effect is just a bit too close for comfort. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3110.

Don’t get me wrong; I love me some questionably tasteful animal print more than almost anyone. And I love it most in bright colors that real leopards certainly don’t come in. So, in theory, I should really like the Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch. And in a way, I do. Just not in the kind of way that I need to love it in order to spend over a grand to purchase it.

Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch

See, leopard print can be a tough thing to deal with. It teeters on the edge that separates fashion and trash, and if you take a wrong turn, things start looking not-so-high-end. And I think that’s our problem here – the color and the fabric don’t have anything EXTRA to them to make this anything but a random animal print clutch. The design pop isn’t there for me, and with someone as brilliant as Alber Elbaz helming Lanvin, it really should be. I generally adore at least some aspect of their bags, and I’d snap one of these up if it was on the racks at Urban Outfitters. For the price they’re asking, though, I need them to do something else. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1120.

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I find myself often thinking about whether or not a non-leather bag can be worth big bucks. I’ve come to varying conclusions – if it’s covered in Swarovski, then maybe. If it’s entirely handmade, maybe. If it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, maybe. And despite the fact that I really like the Lanvin Calisson Woven Satin Bag, I don’t think I could pay $2600 for something made of such a delicate fabric.

Lanvin Calison Woven Satin Bag

In this case, I think the large size of the bag makes me even less likely to pay the big bucks – a big bag is an even bigger liability in a material that’s that likely to be damaged. It’s too big to be coddled and saved for special occasions, and an everyday bag needs to be durable and usable. Satin is the wrong material on the wrong bag in this case, and if it was soft, woven lamb leather instead, I’d be here telling you how brilliant it is. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2630.

Today is a great day. First of all, it has finally stopped raining. It’s been raining down here in South Florida for the past few days. Although the rain is usually received with a warm welcome, it is a friendly reminder that the rainy season is on it’s way. But for now, I will focus on the gorgeous blue sky and put the thoughts about rain on the back burner. Another plus would have to be the fact that I have two amazing friends in town visiting. I love visitors!!! And of course, it is Friday. All in all, a great day. And I can’t think of a better way to round out this amazing day than with an amazing clutch.

Lanvin Ou La La Clutch

The Lanvin Ou La La Clutch might seem a little “bla” at first, but trust me, give it another chance. Without the jeweled flower, the clutch would seem a little “bla”. But, add this jewel to amazing gray satin and you have nothing short of a classy clutch. To me, the clutch really revolves around the jewel and that is perfectly ok! Since the rest of the clutch is rather understated you can definitely use this clutch to dress up or dress down an outfit. The price is a bit steep, but hey, if you have the funds, go for it! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1575.

Lanvin Happy Square Silk Bag St. Patrick’s Day has become every single persons holiday. On this day, everyone is Irish. Not hard to imagine why. It is a day with all the excuses in the world to drink pints of green beer and tell people to Kiss you, because you are Irish. I truly am Irish, although now married to an Eastern European who refuses to wear green today (bah-hum-bug). Meaghan Mahoney. Spelling of my first name is as Gaelic as they come and the last name screams out Irish, although my family has been butchering the pronunciation for years. Tonight we will have our traditional corned beef and cabbage menu, wash it down with green beer, and some clever little shamrock cookies which are divine. As for my green item, I am wearing a green shirt. I do own green bags, but I really would only want a pop of ravishing color if I were wearing a green bag today. A handbag that is not an everyday bag, a bag that makes no sense otherwise, and that I have found.

Every single aspect of the Lanvin Happy Square Silk Bag screams out tacky. There is the green silk, the frayed shoulder straps, the woven finish. This bag is ornate and gaudy, and by-golly I love it! Yes, you heard me right. There is a love that I have for this bag that is not just because it is green and today is St. Patrick’s Day. But this bag will be memorable. It may be remembered by some for being heinous, but it will be remembered. And that is an aspect that many bags lack. If you are going to get a bag that is a little crazy, why not get a full-blown crazy bag. The look of this bag is safe in parts, but together, it is eye-catching. The crayola green I love. And for a gal like me who wears jeans and plain tees all the time, a bright and crazy bag may just be the option. Buy through Net A Porter for $2315.

Are you really Irish too or just celebrating because it seems like a good idea? ;)

Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg ToteCanvas: how much are we willing to pay for it? I found myself wondering that when I saw the Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg Tote today. My initial reaction was that it was adorable and French in a wonderful way, and that it would be great with a white top and jeans. My second reaction was, “It’s $680. What is it made out of? Oh, canvas. Nevermind.” But then I thought again, because don’t tons of handbag enthusiasts spend tons of money on Louis Vuitton canvas bags every year? Net-a-porter’s description indicates that this canvas bag is treated, and while it pay not be as durable as Louis Vuitton canvas (because, after all, what is?), how do we decide what’s an acceptable amount to pay for a bag that’s not leather? Does the brand matter? Does Louis Vuitton’s canvas get a pass because of its history or status? I’m not sure how to answer these questions, but I do know that I wish Lanvin’s adorable tote was a little less expensive. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $680.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Lanvin Kentucky Tote
Image via GR

These days you can look totally chic on your way to and from the gym. My problem is that when I leave a work out, my hair looks like a total scary mess (lots of random curling etc), my face is red, my body is tired, and my clothes most def do not smell great. I see a celeb photographed leaving a workout and they look stunning, each piece of hair in place, big smile, makeup, and ready for a paparazzi snap. This must be why I am not a celeb, I can’t do that. Sarah Michelle Gellar looked stunning on her way to (please tell me not from) a work out last week toting the beautiful Lanvin Kentucky Tote. This tote bag is oversized (measuring 16″x16.5″x5″) and features soft supple leather and brass hardware. Lanvin is making a huge name for itself in the handbag world and Gellar is looking pretty carrying it. Bag via Barneys for $1545 and Gellar via Freddie Prince Jr for a negotiable high amount.

Lanvin Kentucky Tote

Lanvin Metallic Montrogueil HandbagSleek sophistication at its finest, the Lanvin Metallic Montrogueil Handbag features a sheer metallic gold leather on a stunning structured bag. Lanvin has hit big in the past year, with simple bags that show style and class. As we all know, metallic is still in for spring/summer and this light gold metallic is a stunning rendition of the trend. There is a turnlock closure and a structured zippered bottom compartment to store the not so readily available necessities (perfect spot for medicine you must travel with, epi pen, and anything else ugly or not chic!). Double leather handles or the removable gold chain shoulder strap finish this stunner off. The understated beautiful bag measures 12.5″x16″x6.5″. Buy it through Barneys for $2105.

A Lanvin handbag is an easy way to say, “I’m a classy chick.” This Lanvin bag says, “I’m a classy chick but I can rock a giant silver chain.” I love this bag. I wish it were mine. The subtly textured inky blue is such a rich color. It makes me think of royal satins and watercolors and midnight. The hardware is absolutely perfect. Not only is the silver right on, I wouldn’t change a thing about the design of the hardware. The plate with the turnlock closure is just the right size, the detail on the handles extending down like sleek suspenders is so cute, and the zipper compartment actually adds to the bag. I have seen too many fine bags ruined by superfluous zipper compartments and I am thrilled to see that this pragmatic option can exist without damaging the visual effect of a bag. That chain, on the other hand, can’t be very practical. It’ll leave chain-loop welts on any shoulder to be sure, especially if the carrier is taking advantage of the multiple compartments of this delicious bag and thus making it heavy. It would look lovely handheld, though, with the just-short-of-blingy chain hanging nicely to the side. Perhaps, though, the chain would be useful in heated social situations when one is compelled to choke a bitch. In which case this bag relays the sweet message, “I’m a classy chick but I will f*** you up.” Now that is something I’ve always wanted in a handbag. Get it at for 1198 Euros, which is somewhere in the ballpark of $1587.59.

What is up with Jessica Simpson being the handbag guru of all time? Seriously if I owned about 1/546 of what she owns, my life would feel complete. She seems to be a major handbag and purse trend setter. Right when some fashionista realizes that studs are in, they also realize Jessica already is sporting them. To be a minister’s daughter must be nice. So I must say that for the most part (not all the time at all, trust me I’ve seen pics), Jessica is completely style savvy. I just want to rock out looks like she does, like this Lanvin Jet Set Bag. This trendy little number is a duffle style bag with all over nickel studs. This is the “it” bag of the moment and has also been seen on other A-list celebs like Lindsay Lohan. A little side note, but does anyone else realize that LiLo is always sporting the same bag as Jessica. My question is who gets it first? My guess would be Jessica is the trend setter and Lindsay is the follower. Any takers? Anyhow, Jessica was able to put the stud in this Lanvin bag, and you can too for $1600 @ Barneys.

Thanks to our loyal reader Anna for the pics and the suggestion! Click below for two more captures. (more…)

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