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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and this year I was lucky to spend mine in warm and sunny Las Vegas. It was Vlad’s and my first time to Vegas, so while we enjoyed resort-hopping and shopping, we also took in the sights outside of Vegas.

Beach Print Bags

We introduced you to the Juicy Couture Beach Print Clutches last month, and the combination of a fun photo print and an affordable price tag meant that they were quite well-received. After all, who doesn’t want to carry a little bit of summer with them wherever they go?

Juicy Couture Summer Print Clutches

There’s just something about warm weather that makes me positively frantic to stray outside of my sartorial comfort zone. Although I almost always dress in dark colors and have what I like to think is the world’s largest collection of black sundresses, summer does something to me that requires me to occasionally splurge on something that looks more than a little out of place with my usual array of blacks and greys.

Houndstooth Bags

Even though tomorrow starts August, which many people think of as the last bit of summer, the fashion industry is buzzing with the upcoming trends for the fall season. New seasons mean new ideas, and while houndstooth is not new, handbag designers are integrating it into their new collections.

Juicy Couture Black Star Satchel, $348 via ShopBop

If you hate bags like the Juicy Couture Black Star Satchel and wish they’d go away, blame Proenza Schouler for the astronomical success of the brand’s PS1 satchel. Since its debut, a passel of imitators both high-end and low have come along to give consumers a similar structure with a slightly different flair, and from that group has come some great bags, most notably the Mulberry Alexa.

I, on the other hand, adore these bags. They’re roomy, functional and classic without being stuffy or dated, and the sub-$400 price point on this bag in particular makes it a good fit for women who want to get the look without shelling out a huge amount of money for the original. This bag is still unique enough that it’s nowhere near a direct copy, and that’s always what I prefer when I’m in search of a “look for less” option. (more…)

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