"Yield, Choo!" Jimmy Choo Robin, $1,395

Info: Jimmy Choo Robin Biker Leather and Elaphe Snake Bag. $1,395 via Jimmy Choo or Net-A-Porter.

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  • Anna

    You’ve got to be kidding. For that price?
    I’m curious, why do most bag blogs feature the same brands all the time. Jimmy Choo is overrated.

  • Cherie L.

    nice colour but can i get a better commentary about the materials, design?

  • Jane H.

    After seeing Choo bags piled into a heap during a sale in Paris I’ve lost all interest in the brand.

    Nice color, though.

  • Cherie – We will be reviewing all of the Bag Art/Snapshot photos from now on. I totally agree :)

  • Sara

    Looking forward to seeing the review. This photo is amazing!!! Where is the bottom of the sign?!

  • janis

    I think this is a very cute bag! Choo bags are very well made and always edgy. This is the perfect way to showcase this bag!!!

  • Mika

    Much heavier than it looks and should be being such a small bag – but it’s still very nice to look at ;)

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