Jimmy Choo for H&MWhat are we buying when we buy a luxury good? Are we buying a brand name, a well-made product, or an item to ensure that others think a certain way about us when they see it? For most high-end consumers, it’s probably some combination of those options.

Many customers would claim that they buy only for the quality that these products provide, but the reaction of some customers to the recent announcement of Jimmy Choo’s collaboration with H&M seems to run contrary to those claims.

Jimmy Choo is another of the major designers whose fall designs have started to trickle out a bit sooner than some of their brethren. And, from a public relations standpoint, it might have been a great idea for them to arrive a little early. I feel like we’ve all been looking at basically the same group of handbags on every website for the past few months – first at full price, now on sale.

Jimmy Choo for H&MThis news is just what I wanted to hear today. H&M has a long and well-publicized history of collaborations with high-end designers, but until now, all of those designers had been most well-known for their clothes. Taking things in a slightly different direction, H&M will feature shoes, accessories, AND clothes (CLOTHES?!?!) designed by the folks at Jimmy Choo in select stores this November.

Jimmy Choo creates a collection for the Elton John AIDS FoundationIt’s always great to see a big brand give back, and Jimmy Choo is putting their money where their mouth is with a new limited edition collection in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The line, named Project PEP, will send 25% of its proceeds to help fund South Africa’s Simelela Rape Center. The center is often instrumental in administering patients the preventative medicine that lessens the likelihood that a victim will contract HIV from her attacker, as well as providing psychological services after the fact.

Jimmy Choo Sky Bag I’m using a kind of stock photo that we normally don’t choose for our posts here at PurseBlog in order to demonstrate the Jimmy Choo Sky Shoulder Bag for a few reasons. First, all of the traditional straight-on stock photos I could find have the bag overstuffed to the point of looking like a giant fringe-y rectangle hobo, and that’s not a good look.

No way. I just stumbled across a Jimmy Choo handbag that I want to go out and buy right now. No, this isn’t one of the Jimmy Choo bags that makes a huge, loud statement. Yet, it is a Choo bag that I am certain we will see countless celebrities carrying, don’t you think? The Jimmy Choo Patent and Suede Shoulder Bag will no doubt turn into a go-to handbag.

Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch

I promised you a better look at the Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch that we covered earlier this week. After I reviewed the bag I realized that the picture on NAP had the middle of the bag zipped up, which does nothing great for the look of this particular clutch. All of the Jimmy Choo Zip bags look better unzipped. This is a fact; every single zip bag from Choo looks 10 times better unzipped.

The first thing that struck me about the Jimmy Choo Lucy Hobo was the name – Lucy! My parents have a seven-month-old English Bulldog puppy named Lucy that is just about the most adorable and aggravating little thing in the world, and whenever I hear the name I think of her. That’s neither here nor there, but everyone loves a puppy, right?

Jimmy Choo Pony and Suede Clutch

As we continue to grow, we continue to hire more writers, interns, and workers which has me writing a bit less and doing things behind the scenes a bit more. But I must admit I miss writing. I am not a product of a journalism school, but I am a gal who loves handbags and always loves to share what I think about them, which is precisely why we started this site.

At first, I really wanted to dislike this incarnation of the Jimmy Choo Maia Hobo. It is, as La Gunn would say, a lot of look. It’s suede and animal print and color-blocked and wooden-handled. It has an extra strap that Choo is pretending makes it a hobo (ha, it totally doesn’t) and it’s got a center zipper that makes the bag larger or smaller, depending on how you use it.

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