Jimmy Choo Tube Clutch

Hot pink AND Leopard print. And glitter flecks throughout. Sound tacky right? It most certainly can be an awfully over-the-top combination, but somehow Jimmy Choo pulls it off in this clutch. Not meant to everyday use, not meant to be anything other than a statement piece, the Jimmy Choo Tube Clutch pulls in eyes with its outlandish pink, leopard, and glitter combination. This is one of those take-out-for-girls-night clutches. Everything about it seems too colorful, too printed, too sparkly, but it just kind of works. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to buy it. But in my world of no price tag on anything, I would so rock this clutch with a pair of skinny jeans, heels, and a party top. Buy through Net A Porter for $1095.

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  • Lisa E Staples

    For the right ensemble and the attitude to carry it off, and the pocket book to pay for it, I agree skinny jeans, heels and a party top is what it is crying for

  • 19yearslater

    I’m pretty sure I saw that in Hot Topic for ten dollars.

  • renee

    OMG!! The first thing I thought of was Hot Topic!! LOL!!!!!

  • Merve

    The thing is this bag can go from looking cool and funky with the right outfit to plain cheap and tacky.

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