It’s not often that I’m confused by handbags. Not only have I been writing about them (and obsessing over them) for a living for a few years now, but I have all the powers of Google at my fingertips, which means that I can generally clear up any questions I have without any problems. With that in mind, the fact that I can find literally no information about Time’s Arrow Handbags only makes me more intrigued. The fact that the bags are modern, well-priced contemporary staples doesn’t hurt, either.

Seriously, I looked. I searched. I tried domain names that I thought might be helpful, and even called a cryptic phone number that I found on one of them that, in hindsight, didn’t indicate in any way that it was associated with a handbag brand. (No one picked up.) I learned that “Time’s Arrow” is a term somehow associated with the videogame Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and after a short detour to find out if anyone’s made a Zelda iPhone game yet (they haven’t), I decided that the best I could do would be to show you what’s available from Time’s Arrow at Neiman Marcus, which is the place that I first came across the brand’s bags a couple of days ago. There’s some definite Celinespiration going on here, but the brand does a pretty good job pulling it off. In particular, the smooth, flat leather achieves a nicely high-end look that so many brands look for but never quite achieve. Our favorites are below – check out the full selection from this mystery brand at Neiman Marcus.

Time’s Arrow Trilogy Crossbody Bag
$695 via Neiman Marcus

Time's Arrow Trilogy Leather Crossbody Bag

Time’s Arrow Jo Bicolor Pocket Tote
$765 via Neiman Marcus

Time's Arrow Jo Leather Bicolor Pocket Tote

Time’s Arrow Jo Pocket Tote
$765 via Neiman Marcus

Time's Arrow Jo Leather Pocket Tote

Time’s Arrow Infinite Tote
$595 via Neiman Marcus

Time's Arrow Infinite Tote

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  • Amanda

    I really need that cross body.

    • That’s my favorite too – the color and size are perfect.

  • CourtneyMc22

    Wow, they are gorgeous!

  • bubbled

    Are they only sold at Neiman Marcus? If so, maybe they are NM’s new “secret” house line of bags.

  • Jackie

    I think I see some Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim inspiration happening also.

  • anna

    this is a new line coming out of NYC… neiman’s is just pre-order.
    full line will be in stores for Fall.

  • tmth

    These are lovely. Reminds me of the Botkier Valentina satchels that I was eyeing a while back.

  • Paul

    this is my sister’s new line!!! i am happy life a proud new uncle!! =))

  • Guest

    I have just received the mini Trilogy crossbody from NM. It is absolutely gorgeous, and has exceeded expectations BUT I had hoped that my mini iPad would fit in the larger central pocket. It doesn’t. By a whisker. Never mind, I might just have to buy a bigger Time’s Arrow bag that will.

  • Sabrina Simington

    Really like the colors and designs. Not the prices. Sorry.

  • laurasf

    FYI. Some of these bags have been deeply discounted at Neiman Marcus this week.

  • Mia

    Planning to buy a Mini Jo as soon as the new fall colors come out! I think the bags have a really unique look and I agree, the leather looks superb.

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