Mulberry Tessie Bag

Not long ago, Mulberry publicly announced its intentions to alter its price structure and handbag offerings in order to try to stanch its recent sales slide, and now we’re seeing the opening salvo of those changes. The Mulberry Tessie Bags, which start at $860, are the brand’s new beginning.

There are a couple of notable things about these four new bags, which are mid-season entrants that are likely meant to get the ball rolling more than to make a big splash with consumers. (The splashy bags, surely, will come later.) First, they lack the big Mulberry turnlock that has graced almost all Mulberry bags released in the last several years. Instead, they have a small gold square with an embossed Mulberry tree.

Second, the bags are discreet. The collection consists of a tote ($990), a hobo ($1,190) and a long-strapped shoulder bag in two sizes ($860 – $990), and the most daring color available is a sedate burgundy. These bags are workhorses, and the kind of thing that every woman needs to have in her closet. They form not only a good foundation for a wardrobe, but also for a brand’s accessories collection – there’s plenty of room to expand creatively from here, but these are the types of bags that earned the brand its loyal following in the first place.

Mulberry is currently functioning both without a permanent CEO and a permanent creative director, so it’s possible that the addition of one or more executives in the near future could drastically alter the brand’s current trajectory. Until there’s more stable leadership, though, this is a back-to-basics olive branch that Mulberry fans will likely be glad to see, even if they hold off on purchasing for the moment.

Or maybe they won’t hold off – at least one of the bags is already sold out. Shop the entire line here.

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  • ElainePG

    The Tessie Hobo has lovely-looking leather… smooshy and elegant. The strap is a bit short, though… on the web site pictures, the bag looks very awkward tucked under the (6-foot-tall) model’s arm. And just imagine how it would look on the 90% of us who aren’t tall enough to play Women’s Basketball!

  • ivy

    I cant believe they actually lowering the price. Its really not a smart move. Instead of aiming or maintain as a luxurious brand, they now positioned themselves like coach, michael kors, tory burch, etc etc.

    Why cant the follow lv marketing way with no discount, only sell at boutique and of course improve their quality (probably thicker leather). I just cant see Mulberry as a luxurious brand now :(.

    • Regina George

      shed up

    • Cherryorchard

      If Mulberry went further the way of LV, they’d find themselves out of business very soon. Mulberry is a dinky, casual luxury brand – trying to go for the high profile image by simply jacking up the prices is what alienated their most loyal customers in the first place. Now they’re trying to fix things. I can’t say they’re doing a great job since the bags look very much like 90′s Mulberry my old aunts carry. I would like to see something more youthful and fresh in the future.

      • XXL

        I agree. These purses didn’t break any new grounds but I think it’s because they lack a creative director. These few were meant to make a statement that Mulberry no longer has its head in the clouds (imo). And they’re probably “just tryna get by” their low point by releasing a few affordable purses. Hopefully this will get the attention of a great creative director.

  • Regina George

    Looks like someone finally came to their senses! Off to make a dent in my bank account!

  • shueaddict

    As a Mulberry fan this is wonderful news. I know so many British girls for which Mulberry was the first designer bag. I felt alienated with the issue of the 3000 EURO striped Willow last season. It’s nice to see them going back to basics; they held a nice niche for quite some time.

  • peachbee

    I think they look kind of boring and dated. Not really for me, I’m afraid.

  • Sheila (Maddy Loves)

    This is good news. After they released that Willow bag for $2600 I was so confused about whether they were a lux brand or contemporary brand or something else. Most of their bags are $1000-2000 rangs so it was strange to have something priced at $2600.

  • LC

    Not really a fan of Mulberry. They look outdated. For a bag at $1000 I’d rather get a Gucci or LV. Or spend less for a Tory/Rebecca Minkoff/Kate Spade bag.

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