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  • ericadr

    the red with the woven panel is divine! i love it. and the basic black is beautiful & timeless

  • nafnaf

    ooohhh.. i am lovin the blue croc stamp and the blue sport striped one… i can’t seem to justify buying a sofia coz of the very high price (and i can’t seem to find a suede donkey version that i love) so im seriously considering this…

  • Chele

    I love the beauty and simplicity of the black Lucrezia satchel. Gorgeous!

  • Joanna

    Love the black and the red..gorgeous handbags. Love the optional strap that it comes with.

  • bryologue

    The two-tone ones look more like a Gucci Boston

  • Mohammad Salmeen

    I am currently in Doha and found this bag with red and black checkers instead of black and white , the store is in a prestigious mall and seems to be an official givenchy store. I couldn’t find this color combo anywhere on the Internet so I’m a bit suspicious . Please help me I will be going back home in a few days and would like to get it for my wife who is a new mom. Hope someone can help :) thank you

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