Clare Vivier Handbags

Finding a leather bag that’s affordable, American-made and not totally hideous can feel like a bit of a chore at times. Want quality craftsmanship? It’s gonna cost ya. Natural materials? It’s gonna cost ya even more. Once you’ve cleared those two hurdles, you have to find a bag you actually like from the small pool of contenders. If you’ve found yourself in that unenviable position before, we’d like to introduce you to Clare Vivier Handbags.

The LA-based designer (all of the bags are made in LA, too) has won a cult following by assembling a line of leather totes, satchels and clutches with simple, functional shapes that don’t feel fussy or make you look like you’re desperately chasing a trend. The line is particularly good for people who enjoy a good neutral, but if you’re more of a brights girl, the spring collection offers plenty of less subtle options. I’m a particular fan of Vivier’s (no relation to Roger) flat, striped clutches, which are so reasonably priced that it’s hard to restrain myself from collecting them all. Check out some of the best pieces from the Internet’s current Clare Vivier offerings below or shop the line via ShopBop or Neiman Marcus.

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