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It’s long been clear that everyone from reality TV stars to the privileged daughters of billionaires thinks that they can design super-expensive handbags, and now it’s time to add another name to the non-intuitive list: Bentley Motors. That’s right, the world-famous maker of ultra-premium autos has decided to try its immaculately gloved hand at the whole handbag thing, to varying results.

Bentley isn’t the first car brand to delve into leather goods – Ferrari has been making questionably tasteful men’s bags for quite some time – but to my knowledge, this is the first women’s luxury handbag line to come from such a crossover. The first collection, which consists of two bags in a range of colors, is priced at $5,500 and $7,000, which puts the brand new line in competition with such old-guard masters as Hermes and…well, Hermes. Unfortunately, the bags don’t quite live up to the refined Hermes aesthetic.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Bentley hired Frenchman Vincent du Sartel, who has previous experience in accessories design at Loewe and Louis Vuitton, to initiate the line. Unsurprisingly, the designs are said to take inspiration from the curves and fine materials used in Bentley’s cars, which Bentley reports are increasingly popular with women over the past few years. These bags are, apparently, a nod to those newly minted customers, and they’ll initially be sold at trunk shows and events that those types of women might frequent, including car shows.

Although I don’t doubt that the materials used in these bags are wonderful – why would the brand stake a hard-earned reputation for perfection on anything less? – the execution leaves something to be desired. The collection, perhaps predictably, leans just a touch too sporty. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except that the details feel masculine, like they were simply added to a few women’s bag shapes with little aesthetic adaptation. The winged Bentley logo, in particular, feels inappropriate and a bit cheap in this context, no matter how nice it looks on the hood of a car.

The bags simply don’t feel current or feminine – if some of the same details were incorporated into a briefcase, they’d probably feel more contextually relevant. Classic briefcases, unlike $7,000 women’s handbags, aren’t beholden to modern aesthetic whims, and the masculine automotive details (the cars that formed the basis of the bags’ inspiration were designed with male customers in mind) wouldn’t seem so disconnected from the intended customer. Better luck next time, Bentley.

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  • Lorie

    Wow. Kudos, Bentley, for completely sucking the joy out of handbags.

    It looks like something that would be carried into the White House with national secrets in it.

    • pe.riche.

      “Wow. Kudos, Bentley, for completely sucking the joy out of handbags.”

      I literally laughed out loud when I read this! This basically sums it all up.

    • Sara

      That’s an awesome comment, right on the money!

  • andré

    I didn’t hate, the red one is kinda cute. but I have to agree that the logo in the front is.. a mistake

  • Jeloi

    I like it

    • sara

      I like them as well, especially the one pictured in black. Though the price is just too high.

  • pe.riche.

    These bags remind me of the cheap carryon bags/luggage you can buy at the airport.

  • cbl

    Who the f*ck would buy this? Seriously.

  • ottercat

    Hahahaahahahaha, um, NO.

  • shop4sport

    I don’t know what to say.. I’m speechless! YUCK

  • Chris

    Ok, I have to admit it. I kind of like the black one. The placement of the logo is a bit off, though. And the price tag is ridiculous, even for a high-end handbag line.

  • Catherine

    Looks like the hood of a car – even more-so if the logo was up side down :)

  • nb

    1k more than the glossy LV alma, same silhouette. in the car world bentley has a lot of cachet, but, like belstaff, it seems their debut line needs some work.

  • FashionableLena

    I find the black bag to be a little sleek and sexy if it were not for the hood ornament. Unfortunately, the only thing that I see are scratches just marring the bag.

  • fudgeicecream

    the red one is not bad, but nothing very special

    • Antoine

      You couldn’t afford it in ten lifetimes you animal. Drink some poison.

      • fudgeicecream

        Ah Antione my stalker…. found me here did you…. lol

  • Canuck65

    I personally found none of the designs particularly attractive and particulary at the price. It seems like everyone is trying to get into the luxury handbag market – I think its “jumped the shark” when car manufacturers start desiging handbags – even if its a luxury car maker. Whats next – Ford ? Will that how we save the North American car manufacturing industry?

  • phh

    “The bag simply don’t feel current …” I don’t get this because the shape is always current, it is iconic. What is current anyway? LV has been reviving its older design like the Monceau (?), as cross body bag. I’ll wear my handbags, old or current accordingly to fit what I wear that very day. My handbags are LV, Hermes, Lanvin, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, etc. and they never go out of style. I’m not ridding out of them, as their materials are all of excellent skins. Besides, most current handbags are not that very good looking.

  • Forrest

    Bentley is completely cheapening their heritage with launching these bags. To be sold at car shows? Tacky. Instead, I feel this would be better suited as a gift with the purchase of a Bentley.. That way Bentley is always on the new female customer’s minds and would be a status symbol… As if wearing the Bentley on the arm when your Bentley isn’t around. I’d also remove the Bentley logo… Perhaps just print the name… BENTLEY in silver. Just a thought.

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