B Brian Atwood Ava Snake Embossed Top Handle

It’s only been a couple seasons since Brian Atwood launched B Brian Atwood, a reasonably affordable footwear line aimed at contemporary customers and styled like his uber-expensive eponymous line, and it’s been a success, to say the least. Young customers have responded positively to the metallic finishes, vertiginous heels and comfy flats alike, and now Atwood’s taken the next logical step with his baby brand: B Brian Atwood Handbags, which just launched exclusively at Bloomingdale’s.

Atwood’s main label has toyed with the idea of designing clutches from time to time, but his efforts never seem to get as much traction as hoped; either that, or Atwood’s heart just isn’t in it. These contemporary options are a more complete look at the brand’s idea of what luxury handbags should look like, and although there are highlights (the Ava top handle, in particular), most of the bags feel a little bit too big and soft for the current trend climate, and some of the leathers look a bit inexpensive. Some of the finishes are great, though – the snakeskin, both real and faux, does a great job of capturing what people love about the brand’s shoes and translating it into handbags. Check out a representative sampling of the collection below or shop the brand via Bloomingdale’s – Atwood’s bags are exclusives there for now!

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