• dequincey

    Great interview! Its always refreshing to hear from people and realize you are on the same page.. :) I admire HH for many raesons but hearing his musings has only solidified my first impressions. The fact that they are so proudly GREENPOINT, USA was my first inkling. There is something truely amazing happening in our grungy little borough of brooklyn..after ten years as a Greenpoint resident I can vouch for the brilliance I am so lucky to be surroubded by. I used to live across the street from the design shop on Franklin Ave. and always wondered why anyone would choose to open a high end shop so far out of the way unless it was a true passion with alot of faith and thoughfullness behind it.
    The way Ben describes the process of getting there is truely on point.
    Thanks for bringing to light this creative force PB!

  • Cindy

    Amazing interview! Megs and Vlad you rock! You guys asked a lot of the questions to Ben that we at the HH forum asked for. Thank you.

    Ben and Toni, you two rock also. You do have a devoted fan base, believe me!

  • MizzJ

    Great interview, it’s always so interesting to hear the thoughts of the people behind the items, that way you feel more of a connection to the brand and what they stand for. Very cool to hear that he was a physicist/computer science major – go geeks with style!

  • Jess

    Agreed with everyone else — thank you for doing such an in depth and informative interview! Many of the HH Hotties’ questions have been answered here… Many thanks, PB!

  • http://www.purseblog.com/ Megs

    Glad you all liked it!! We loved meeting Ben and look forward to meeting Toni next time too!

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