It’s been a while since our last #PBWIMB Instagram Roundup, what with all of the holiday chaos that went on these past couple months, but we’re back, and the bags you photographed look better than ever. Judging by the bags we’ve seen on our feeds lately, either all of you were on the nice list this year, or you treated yourselves to some seriously good arm candy. Take a look at the gallery below to see if your Instagram was picked in our favorites of the week.

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As the leaves are changing, so are the contents of your handbag. While we love seeing plenty of cute wallets, sunglasses and pretty iPhone covers, we found ourselves taking a closer look at some of the beauty products you guys are using to keep your skin looking flawless this season. While most of the bags we saw this week on #PBWIMB were dark shades of navy and black, we were especially happy to see some of you still breaking out those pops of color. Take a look at the bags that made our picks of the week, and the adorable puppy we just couldn’t resist!

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@kimstaffordstyle keeps plenty of leopard and Thomas the Train in her Zara bag. Shop similar bags here.

This picture from @cherrysolanor speaks for itself. You can purchase her Neverfull Bag via Louis Vuitton for $980, but unfortunately her dog is not for sale.

Lots of loveliness inside @konthebay’s 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Bag. Shop what’s left of the collection via Target.

Only the essentials inside @stylelapin’s Chanel Mini Flap Bag.

Always be prepared, @lem0n certainly is.

Labels and love inside of @nehemiahfalber’s Mini Celine Luggage Tote.

A good pair of sunglasses and minimal makeup inside @mondaybunny’s weekend Chanel Flap Bag.

This week on our Instagram feed, we saw tons of totes and satchels filled with printed pouches, beauty essentials and Karen Walker sunglasses. But as the temperatures begin to drop, we’re expecting bigger bags filled with all your winter accessories. Continue to snap pictures of what’s inside your bag using #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured on the blog. Peek below to see inside some of our favorite purses of the week! (more…)

I’m not a big makeup person. In fact, I typically don’t wear it. I am, however, a big fan of taking care of my skin, so every morning and evening I go through a routine which will hopefully help keep my face looking young and fresh for years to come. When it came to finding a beauty bag, I decided I had to go with Chanel, because what’s more classic than a quilted Chanel cosmetic pouch?

I throw this pouch in my bag when I know I’ve got a long day upon me and inside of it, there are three items I will never leave home without. (more…)

If you have followed our In My Bag series so far, you will realize I carry a variety of odd items around with me. I’m a Virgo, so I am fairly Type A and I really love planning. I see my handbag as a portable hold-everything kit. I keep all essentials at all times and find a way to keep my bag from being too heavy, even with my somewhat ridiculous mix of items.

I typically leave scarves out of my bag in the summer unless I am traveling, but come fall and winter, I almost always have a scarf in my bag when I leave the apartment. I’m one of those people who gets cold really easily, like yesterday when it was in the 50s and I kept asking Vlad if it was about to snow. Yea, I am that person. I was introduced to Bindya NY earlier this year, and since the first time I met the designer and tried her scarves for myself, I’ve been hooked. (more…)

If you follow us on Twitter (which you totally should, so follow!), then you that we have been prepping for New York Fashion week for the past few weeks. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do for my job and to get to do it with people I truly enjoy working with, and obviously Fashion Week is one of the many perks. Amanda already shared the nitty-gritty of what it can be like, but one aspect she forgot to mention is that after each season, many of us end up with the Fashion Week Flu. It has to be from the lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and thousands of people in close proximity to one another who all are completely run down. Last year I got hit hard, the kind of hard where I didn’t leave my bed for a solid 3 days straight.

This season I am trying to prepare a bit better, and that means carrying my Emergen-C and a LUNA bar with me at all times. (more…)

For a long time, I wasn’t a major lipstick fan, and I suppose it was simply because I couldn’t find the right shade to work on me and I was intimidated by the multitude of colors. Not long ago, though, I came to the conclusion that it takes time for everyone to find the shade(s) that work and it is all about trial and error. Recently, I added a few NARS lipsticks to my beauty collection, and after trying many out, I am obsessed. Much of my love not only comes from the beautiful colors, but also from the smooth application and luxury feel of the lipstick.

Right now I can’t leave the house without my NARS lipsticks in my bag, and the color I have on my lips today is Roman Holiday. (more…)

While I add and remove contents from my bag constantly, one of the things I never remove is Band-Aids. Ever since I moved to NYC, I can’t leave the apartment without them. And if I do, it always ends up being on the day that I am breaking in new shoes and have to stop in a drug store to pick a box up. Band-Aids are a certain necessity for almost every woman, especially the woman who changes her shoes often and walks more than a few steps a day.

I’ve had so many men ask me why women wear uncomfortable shoes. The answer varies, but seriously, some shoes are so cute they just have to be bought and worn. So what if our toes are just a little too long or the back is just a little too stiff? With women, myself included, hope springs eternal that beautiful shoes can be broken in (or at least that is our hope).

Even shoes that I wear often sometimes cause problems. Last weekend I was wearing a pair of Tod’s loafers that are completely comfortable, but after walking over 2 miles in them, my feet started to hurt and I felt the blisters coming. Naturally, I reached into my bag and found some Band-Aids to put on my emerging wounds. (more…)

I love to accessorize. Rings and bracelets are my favorite jewelery items and I always have something extra floating around in my bag to throw on when needed. This week I was playing with these new Plukka Attica and Ramses Rings and I just couldn’t get enough.

I am always drawn to stand-out rings that completely catch the eye. Plukka designed the Attica and Ramses rings which are total statement rings. I paired the I and II next to one another, which gives the look of a super tough/luxe knuckle ring. (more…)

Recently, we’ve realized that we’ve left a large void on PurseBlog. We mostly talk about bags themselves, but not everything that is carried inside. Of course the bag is incredibly important, but carrying all of our daily essentials is the reason why we are out buying bags in the first place – we need something to carry our belongings. Although most women carry the same types of objects on a daily basis, the objects themselves vary widely from woman to woman. That’s precisely the reason why our What’s In Her Bag category is so adored; everyone has a little voyeur in them and loves to see what other people choose for their day-to-day lives. Because of that, we’re launching a brand new kind of post.

The item In My Bag this week that I have been obsessed with is my La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream. The weather has been wacky and recently changed from really cold and windy to mild and sunny. My hands have been dry and I could tell my skin was lacking moisture. I’ve been using this hand cream everyday this week and not only does it leave my hands incredibly soft, but it also has SPF for extra protection. (more…)

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