Coach Bleecker Beach Canvas Tote

I never have a problem choosing a handbag to go with my day-to-day outfits. After all, I have plenty of time to contemplate bags as much as I want, and like anyone else, I have my go-to options. When it comes to a special occasion when I’m outside of my normal routine – say, a holiday or special gathering – sometimes even I draw a blank. Water? Sand? Grass? Those are not things that my bag collection interacts with on an everyday basis. For the impending Fourth of July long weekend, I got thinking about bag choices and potential plans a little early.

It’s worth noting as of right now that I have absolutely zero actual plans for the long weekend after the holiday itself, on which I’m going to a cookout in a friend’s backyard. After that, my options are open, so my bag options will be too. In order to plan for all contingencies, I’ve assembled a helpful guide to successful outdoor bag-carrying, no matter your holiday weekend destination. Not a bad thing to contemplate on a Friday, huh?

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  • Leslie Blosniak

    wow these slide shows are terrible for posts like these. yeeeesh I don’t care THAT much.

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