I never have a problem choosing a handbag to go with my day-to-day outfits. After all, I have plenty of time to contemplate bags as much as I want, and like anyone else, I have my go-to options. When it comes to a special occasion when I’m outside of my normal routine – say, a holiday or special gathering – sometimes even I draw a blank. Water? Sand? Grass? Those are not things that my bag collection interacts with on an everyday basis. For the impending Fourth of July long weekend, I got thinking about bag choices and potential plans a little early.

It’s worth noting as of right now that I have absolutely zero actual plans for the long weekend after the holiday itself, on which I’m going to a cookout in a friend’s backyard. After that, my options are open, so my bag options will be too. In order to plan for all contingencies, I’ve assembled a helpful guide to successful outdoor bag-carrying, no matter your holiday weekend destination. Not a bad thing to contemplate on a Friday, huh?

Today, I’d like to switch bases a bit to talk to you about the greatest scourge threatening America today: Zombies. Thought The Walking Dead was just a fictional TV show, did you? I’m here to tell you that it’s not, and also that there are parts of downtown Atlanta that probably didn’t need much window-dressing to look post-apocalyptic in order to shoot the series. When you combine that with the Miami face-eater and all the barking mad wannabe-cannibals who have hit the news after him, I ask you: is this really “bath salts,” as the mainstream media would want you to believe? What does that even mean? Does that sound fake to anyone else?

You know what’s, like, at least a zillion times more likely? Zombies. We already covered that up top, pay attention! In the event of zombie apocalypse, there will be no time to reread! Anyway, it’s time to start prepping for the inevitable, but you’re not crazy like one of those people out in the woods who has managed to hoard 800 pounds of canned peas in their safe rooms (and the gross generic peas, not even Le Sueur). No, you’re a totally sane person who’s just trying to make sure that she knows where to stab a zombie (in his eye, you have to destroy the brain, duh) in case, you know, it ever comes to that. As always, though, we have some suggestions for things you should buy to prepare yourself, all of which are chic enough to use in your everyday life until the zombies start arriving in earnest. You wouldn’t want your friends and neighbors to suspect you’re prepared; after all, those ingrates will just try to steal your stuff and leave you for dead when it’s go time. (more…)

As you have noticed by now, we are working closely with Heritage Auctions for their amazing Spring Luxury Auction. So far, we’ve showed you some of the items up for auction and invited you to our private preview and event. (Seriously, you should come to that, it is going to be awesome!) However, what we haven’t shared is the part that seemingly terrifies most of us, including myself, which is how to buy at auction.

I am sure many of you use eBay or similar sites to buy and sell items, but large auction houses run differently and I feel like an outsider to this world. I took some time to sit down with the team at Heritage to figure out some of the best tips and tricks so that all of us, whether we’re attending the auction itself or bidding via phone or online, can learn more about the auction world. So let’s learn about this together and then we can all bid and win the items of our dreams! (more…)

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