Yves Saint Laurent Deerskin HoboI’m in a big Yves Saint Laurent mood lately, and I’m not sure why. Normally, I like things that are a bit weirder, a bit flashier, or just a bit more unexpected. Which is not to say that YSL is boring, but their aesthetic is normally just a bit more tailored and simple than my own.

I keep finding YSL bags that I really like in the past couple of weeks, however, and the Yves Saint Laurent Deerskin Hobo is the most recent. I even like the shade of almost-chocolate brown that they used, which is exceptionally odd for me, and possibly means that I need to lay down for a moment. But it seems like it would be usable in most people’s wardrobes (if not my own, which is exceptionally heavy in black) for a variety of occasions and for most of the year. The seaming at the ends gives the bag a slightly more interesting shape than your average small hobo and the small chain elements to the handle add a bit of visual interest as well. All in all, another solid effort from YSL. Buy through Bluefly for $895.99.

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  • mette

    I have seen this YSL in a grey crocodile and that version I really, really liked. The croc one was more structured and luxurious naturally. Unfortunately it was much more expensive :).

  • luvhautecouture

    seems like a good price for YSL… not the most innovated design, but it’s nice and subtle

  • luvhautecouture

    and i meant “innovative” above

  • Otter


  • Rashida

    It’s boring and lacks pizzaz it looks like a clearance bag at TJ Maxx.

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