Versace Couture Fringes Extra Large HoboWhen I see fringe bags, I am reminded of fun houses and door-way-beads. Always fun to run through but somewhat annoying after a while. I actually could see a fringe bag getting knotted up after a while and just start to itch and tickle me. Nevertheless you can read between the lines to see that I am not fond of the Versace Couture Fringes Extra Large Hobo. While the buttery-soft and supple Italian Nappa leather does look divine, the 10″ leather fringe surrounding sides and base of bag make me want to grab a pair of scissors and cut each and every fringe off by hand. The rest of the additions to this bag are hard for me to focus on because I can not get my eyes off the fringe. But if you are a lover of fringe or just trying to get to know a little more about this bag there is polished gold metal hardware, a vertical side pocket, rolled leather shoulder strap, over-the-top corset lacing with braided leather laces, and satin interior. Versace has made some bags that are alluring and chic, but measuring in at 19″ x 12″ x 4″ this bag is way more fringe than I could ever want or like. The price is far more than I could ever want or like also. Buy this dangling bag for $4326 at eLuxury.

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  • $ue-Z

    This bag has way to much strings somebody cold mistaken it for a broom or maybe even a dog. I dont like it.

  • fashionista

    donatella, what were you thinking! i dont know what look your going for but the cowgirl style just isnt working for me :mad:

  • emily

    yeah most definetly agree, i would mistake this bag for a purse. i dont like it either.

  • Ana

    This is a $4326 mop.

    • tellitlikeitiz

      That YOU my dear just can’t afford. NEXT!

  • tjw

    i totally love this bag. sorry the fringe is sosooooo me but it takes people like me to love a bag like this. i can totally rock this!!!

  • thunder angel

    stunning bag a work of art a sexy confident women can pull off this bag.

  • dodo

    where can i buy this bag ?

  • Naggy

    This is an old joke, but do we need another Cousin It? (ipad)

  • Brooke Sheraton

    This is a beautiful and alluring bag. I absolutely adore fringe. This is far more pristine and chic than the nauseating MK bags everyone and their mothers carry.

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