Prada Tie Dye HoboThe name sounded cool enough to look into the bag. The bag just isn’t making me all that excited. Lesson learned: a good name can attract customers. A beautiful named not so hot bag will not necessarily generate purchases. Hence, we need a beautiful named beautiful bag to really lure us in. The spring Prada Tie-Dyed Hobo seemed cool enough but is a little weird for my liking. I am drawn in to the tan/beige ombré tie-dye pattern with its brown leather trim. After that point, the rest of the bag seems to be trying so hard to stand out; that I’d rather it stepped down. For some reason the woven shoulder strap just reminds me of rope from a boat. I actually would have preferred a leather strap with maybe some stud or grommet detailing on it. And then the Prada logo is surrounded by passementerie details. Looks more like a nifty dusting piece. Overall I’m not really into this bag (maybe even if I snipped off the passementerie details I would like it a bit more). Expected to ship right after the New Year, 1/09/2006, this bag is on pre-order via Neiman Marcus for $680.

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