Jimmy Choo Metallic Mandah HoboJimmy Choo may have just accomplished the impossible – they may have designed a beige bag that doesn’t make me feel totally blah. I guess the secret to doing that is not actually making the bag beige.

For some reason, they want us to believe that this bag is gold. Maybe the lighting is bad, but Nordstrom‘s pictures are usually among the most accurate on the Internet, and on their website, the bag looks beige. Metallic beige, maybe, but beige nonetheless. In my household, the color is much reviled and derided, but on the Jimmy Choo Metallic Mandah Hobo, it works pretty well. The shimmery finish goes a long way towards banishing my boredom, and I could see this working really well as a metallic winter white. How cute would it be next to a fuzzy grey sweater? Buy through Nordstrom for $1595.

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  • Susan

    So beautiful I actually gasped when I saw it. And I just got the Manda black and white leopard ponyskin a few weeks ago! DAMMIT!!!

  • Jelita78

    wohooo.. it does look like gold-ish and stunning too, i must say..
    great work jimmy! (ipad)

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