What is this? Do my eyes deceive me? Have I gone delirious from too many hours spent clacking away at my computer keyboard? Have the recession gods chosen to shine down upon us for a brief, fleeting, beautiful moment?

Has Gucci released a leather hobo with a price tag substantially under $1000? Because it looks like that’s exactly what the Gucci Web Guccisima Hobo is.

Gucci Web Guccisima Hobo

I’ll be straight with you on this one – it’s not going to win any awards for innovative design. It’s a black leather hobo with Guccisima embossing and a very simple closure. But what it is is perfectly functional and neutral; the kind of bag that every woman needs one of in her closet. It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything sort of purse.

And because of the extra-long lead time between when a bag is designed and when it lands in stores, I doubt this is any sort of nod to the current economic climate. But it is particularly opportune, and maybe a little boring, but a bag that most people would probably find a use for if they had it in their closet. And at this price point, a lot more people can add it to their collection than might have before. Buy through Saks for $875

  • 19yearslater

    This is only exciting because of the price. Its good that Gucci has paid attention to the needs of its customers. But the bag is blah.

  • otter

    So, how much?

  • Cara

    I bought mine brand new with tags off ebay for $650. I think it retails for $850

  • otter

    Thanks for the info Cara.

  • EveB

    I have been checking this bag out to replace my black fabric Gucci. So it worth the buy?

  • Beth

    I’m not a Gucci person, but this is a beautiful basic black hobo. I’d buy it and carry it just about anywhere!

  • Urooj

    I have to have it. Thanks for the info!

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice bag….. :)

  • Dayzley

    really functional and nice bag.

  • Urooj

    Cara, whom did you buy it from on ebay? I have been trying to find it online but I am not sure who to trust :/

  • bagKrazy!!!

    I like!!!very understated n multi-functional!!

  • Cara


    Urooj- I bought it from some random person but paid to have it authenticated on Castira before I purchased.

    I will tell you that the guccissima leather is different on this bag than the typical guccissima. It is thinner and lighter. I have the Guccissima chain hobo and it’s MUCH thicker.

    The bag is light weight and beautiful. Very comfortable to carry on the shoulder.

  • Rebbeca

    Good good price!!
    but still too plain and boring.. will give this one a miss! In any case not a fan of Gucci

  • Cara

    Urooj-Want to buy mine? I got overzealous at the Gucci outlets last week and bought 2 new bags. Let me know.

    • leora

      hello. have you already sold your Gucci Web Guccisima Hobo? if not, are you still planning to sell it? for how much? thank you very much…

  • An4

    I like this one, you can’t tell it’s gucci from a mile away and that’s a good thing! looks very wearable.

  • mj

    I like this bag, its very functional.

  • cassie

    saw this bag in the boutique today. thinking about it or fendi mia flap top handbag.

  • cari

    really good for casual carrying ,with the advantage of economic price and yeah little bit functional as well.

  • mamahusky

    This bag is ABSOLUTELY perfect for those people who is under budget or low budget but wants to experience to carry a designer handbag like GUCCI. I owned one of this which is brown and so perfectly comfortable to carry on your shoulder coz’ the strap on the middle is wide. it don’t hurt your shoulder a lot. And a lot of space inside. The leather is so gorgeous. Im planning to buy one more.

  • beanyce126

    i own a gucci hobo, very classic product. (ipad)

  • Pink Diamonds

    I just bought this in the monogram fabric with off white handle/trim. It’s FABULOUS! I’m not normally a Gucci chic. I’m an LV diva and former Coach Fanatic. This one sold me though. So cute. On line Saks also has it available for preorder in dark brown.