Chloe Paddington Hobo

Many wonder if the infamous Chloe Paddington has had its time and is over. Not in my opinion, but really, how many styles of this handbag can you make? I love my Paddington, I love my Paddington Tote, but this Chloe Paddington Hobo lacks the oversized (and possibly harmful) shape that I have come to know and love. Sure the stunning and lush leather is unbelievable, the green and ivory colors are divine, but the size is just puny. It is puny enough to make me want to feed it a Hungry Jack meal and put it to bed to rest up and grow big and tall. At least the paddlock is there to comfort us and let us know this bag is a bit familiar. Maybe, on the body, this style is stunning, but to me, it just makes me shrug. Via Saks for $1585.

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  • Jeannie

    I am desperately trying to find the Chloe’ Paddington small hobo (the one with the rounded, zippered base) in the gorgeous electric blue color from last spring. I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Does anyone have any leads for me?

  • Naggy

    I cannot get into the other versions of the Paddington besides the regular. (ipad)

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