Bulga Leather Hobo

I just have to come out and say it. The ruched shoulder strap on this bag reminds me of an intestine. Yes, a bit vile but true. Not that I don’t love the shape of this bag or adore Bulga, but this shoulder strap makes me laugh. The Bulga Leather Hobo is available in chocolate or amore (a red/intestinal color) leather with golden hardware. Bulga bags are quite supple as you can see from the soft looking body. Maybe Bulga is trying to fit in with the times and set a new trend, but I don’t see an inside out trend coming in style. Other than the handle, I think the bag looks luscious. There is a zip top with a tassel pull tab and a leather circle appliqué on the front of the bag. I’m not sure if I understand the purpose of the circle on front, but it adds a little dimension. Maybe it would make more sense if it said Bulga on it? But that is just me. You can carry an intestine shoulder strap bag if you buy this beauty (I really do think the body is beautiful!) for $699 via Neiman Marcus.

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