Be and D Crawford Hobo Bag

I am a fan of black and white, but sometimes the colors can be overpowering when put together on one surface. Is this the case on the Be & D Crawford Hobo Bag? This handbag sports black and white zigzag pattern on the already known Crawford Hobo shape along with a leather shoulder strap. Paired with brass hardware and rivets along the strap, this handbag has a funky flair. Not much else to this large hobo other than suede lining and a press stud closure. Via Net A Porter for $1545. What do you all think?

Fab or Drab?

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  • amie

    :???: hi guys, i’m new to this forum. and this is my first comment. sadly, i think this bag is just too much. it kinda hurts my eyes.

  • Lisa

    What she said, and especially not for 1500+

  • Xavier

    the bag is just fug. it’s not leather and it’s not especially handy. there are no details like outer pockets or anything real noticeable to justify a price of $500, much less $1500+. be & d is delusional to think that people should be paying that much for their horrifically cheap bags.

  • katherine

    reminds me of an optical illusion…eek. hurts my eyes.

  • maye


  • Erin


  • Erin

    Although, on the right, funky chic dresser (not me) it could look pretty cool.

    But then she’d still be paying $1500 for something that really only looks $75.

  • suzannah

    boring and it’ to easy to make this kind of bag

  • Mchelly

    I see clearance section in this bag’s future…how dare they charge that much for this *&%*&&*&%$# :roll:

  • Joan

    This would be good with a black outfit, It would pop.
    Too expensive for a one or two time statement however As “art” shape is simple
    hence the best for this tiny pattern.

    As a bag lover, not for me…I need more use for a purse, no matter the price.

  • luce

    i wouldn’t spend more than 10 dollars on that bag…if that.

  • catpower

    its shameful to be paying $1500 for this atrocity!

  • jesse

    I agree with Joan that the bag would pop with a black outfit. Definitely a specialty item. Most people can’t afford that price tag though. I always go for the sample sales. is having a sale on Be & D tomorrow and they have sales up to 75% off.

  • Naggy

    Drab, drab, drab. (ipad)

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