The first thing that I did when I saw the Alexander McQueen Fringe Hobo was try to imagine it in any color other than brown. Purple. Green. Orange. Anything. Because as it is, all brown and fringe-y and studded, it looks like it would be better suited for an old episode of Gunsmoke than the wardrobe of a fashionable, modern woman.

Alexander McQueen Fringe Hobo

Sometimes, with a bag, individual characteristics are fine. I think fringe is kind of fun. A lot of people like brown. Studding is very popular recently. But then, when you take a lot of looks and try to combine them all on one bag, things go wrong, and that’s what happened here. This bag looks more theme-y than fashionable, and not particularly high-end. I’d wear it with a Halloween costume in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure how it would work with the wardrobe of McQueen’s average handbag customer. I normally think he’s a genius, but this bag misses the mark. Buy through Saks for $1995.

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  • Cherie L.

    there are 3 major themes going on here. if one was cut out, it would work. i say cut out the studs – they cheapen the look. if all else fails, take out the fringe and studs. the architectural straps is gorgeous though.

  • KathyB

    I agree about the theme-y bag and it’s certainly not a daily driver. For $2,000….I would never consider buying it as an every-now-and-then bag, either. It really just has no overall appeal to me.

  • Empress

    Fringe looks horrible on just about everything; like boots, saddle bags, chaps, leather jackets and especially tacky-licious on hand bags. When is fringe appropriate? Halloween, flapper dresses, $5 souvenirs from the southwest and the Fox t.v. show. Please designers – STOP with the fringe. It was NEVER a good look, not on cowboys, bikers or the urban “chic”. Fringe – FAIL.

  • coco13

    I agree that the bag isn’t one of his best; there is a much nicer wishbone bag on NAP (costs more though) in black with woven sides. That is gorgeous.

  • Odie

    Although I am a huge lover of tan leather, this shade of brown, tan, beige whatever it is, is awful. Its the color one uses on prototypes, not the finished product. I agree, removing at least one of the embellishments and changing the color would really do this bag a favor.

  • me

    Yuck- definitely more Bonanza than high fashion.

  • LDJ

    Now I can see myself carrying this bag. Luv it!

  • Kendra

    A great summer bag! (fb)

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