Alexander McQueen Clover Hobo

It took me a second to understand the name of the Alexander McQueen Clover Hobo. My thought process went something like this: well, it’s not green. It’s not printed. It’s not in the shape of a clover. So wha….oh. I see it. Do you see it? Did you see it quicker than I did? What does that say about me?

Anyway, for the folks like me that aren’t feeling quick on the uptake today: The black patent trim forms a large four-leaf clover shape on the supple cream leather. See it now? Yep, that’s what I thought. Kind of interesting, right? Because it’s not too literal at all, and there’s nothing that would irritate me more than having something really obvious like a piece of foliage stuck to the front. McQueen is a better designer than that, and I think this bag proves it. It may not be your cup of tea – I don’t particularly think that it’s mine – but it is well designed and the materials look incredibly lush on close-up. If I could have everything in my house, including my pillows, upholstered in that cream leather, I would die a happy girl. Buy through Zappos for $1999.

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  • aaa07

    Wow this really caught me eye!! Striking!

  • chirpy_gal

    So sweet ! :)

  • erin

    WOW. . . that is super cute!

  • Merve

    Very original. I wonder what other colours it comes in.

  • Abby

    wow,nice….but the price is really high… does anybody konw some good on-line shop which sell handbags at good price? pls share with me, thank you very much :)

  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    I love this hobo and how it is not blantantly obvious with the unique clover. And I appreciate the fact there is finally a Alexander McQueen piece that is wearable, and not over-the-top. The price however needs some kind of a bargain…

  • rae

    Gross, it looks like some kind of bondage codpiece strapped to a creamy-white pelvis. Gross, gross, gross!

  • jeje

    lol i did see it and i love how it wont be obvious to some people. i love the perfect hobo shape of it as soon as i saw it but wasnt sure about everything else. The picture on zappos makes me dislike it even more though :s


    I’ve happened to be searching all around for all of this content. Happily I just came across this in Yahoo.

  • Kendra

    I like it. There’s something really appealing about the design and center piece. (fb)

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