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  • That HAC in black croc is MY dream bag!! I’d die for one like that

  • dsgoogle

    i like this blue one .hermes bag my dream

  • love it handbags

  • Tina

    One day , Sigh

  • haiyang

    Hermes bag is really beautiful. It is different from other brands. I love it very much. If it is possible, I really hope I could one hundred Hermes bags and I would reserve a room for it. Of course, it is just a beautiful dream.

  • haiyang
  • sher

    really amazing.

  • Vic McK-Little

    I have an australian salt water croc. Birkin – worth more than my car!!!! but so many people comment on it… I live in a relatively small town in queensland, but my custom made aussie croc skin boots & bag ALWAYS steel the thunder………

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