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By now, what I’m about to tell you is well known to anyone likely to find her way to this little Internet home of ours. Hermès pieces, especially the bags, can be incredibly difficult to find, and although the brand offers a cursory selection of products on its website, the really good stuff is hidden in the back rooms of boutiques and generally offered only to clientele with whom the store’s associates are already familiar. The Internet, in its eternal resourcefulness, has brought together Heritage Auctions and Moda Operandi to allow us to circumvent the whole thing.

Heritage Auctions has long been periodically offering a selection of its finest pre-owned and vintage bags through Moda Operandi, and this time around, we’re being treated to Hermès handbags, luggage, silks and other little highly covetable odds-and-ends. Birkins start at $18,500 and range up from there to include exotics and limited edition pieces, including an ivory alligator Birkin that will set you back a whopping $99,500.

Check out our favorite pieces from the trunkshow below or shop the full selection via Moda Operandi through August 18.

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  • Meg


  • ellavanw

    Beautiful but I have a really hard time paying 2x retail. If that’s what the market will bear, then good for them – it’s a great business model.

  • anon

    Whoa. Just checked the website and $100,000 for the ivory crocodile Birkin AND it’s sold out?!?! I love handbags, but not that much. Not nearly that much.

    Also, any updates on the repairs for your Chanel?

  • Rashida

    I am not a fan… some nice pieces but very exorbitant.

  • anon

    That last bag was on sale at Barneys from Heritage auctions for $89,000. Someone purchased it while I was there shopping. Weird how these rare bags some how keep making cameos.

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