Tamara Ecclestone and her boyfriend Omar Khyami arrived at LAX

This is the second time we’ve spotted Tamara Ecclestone with this well-dressed, well-bagged man friend – here they are arriving together at LAX. According to The Daily Mail, this is Scott Harvey-Nicholls, Tamara’s close personal chum and “brand manager”. (I’d let Mr. Harvey-Nicholls manage my brand any day.) You’ll notice the very tan Tamara is rather conspicuously flashing her silver Hermes Crocodile Birkin at the cameras. BFF Scott is toting the Goyard Boeing Duffel Bag – which, let’s be honest, shames all other duffel bags, save the Louis Vuitton Monogram Duffle. Sadly, none of these brands vend these particular bags online.

Tamara is looking noticeably more tan than she was the last time she was in LA, but if you’ve ever picked up a UK tabloid, you probably know that British tabloid stars and self-tanner go together like fish n’ chips.

  • Brynn

    The only thing that’s stylish about this picture is the Goyard Duffle Bag. Just goes to show that money doesn’t buy class…

    • LT

      Right. And most certainly money (or not) doesn’t buy good attitude. What is so particularly un-classy about this? Should she then be in a gown off of a flight and he in a tailcoat? Best to not say what you don’t understand.

  • bir

    i have to agree not much class. but i have to say something about how casually these girls wear the Birkin and in croc it seems less trophy more its a beautiful bag thats it ….. and i like this effect. sometimes they wear them with jeans and sneakers …….. and wow !! so for me its a like it but maybe i don’t like it.

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