Tamara Ecclestone carries an Hermes So Black Alligator Birkin Bag (5)

Heiress Tamara Ecclestone recently paid a visit to Hermes Madison Avenue in NYC with her new husband Jay Rutland. She carried an Hermes So Black Alligator Birkin Bag just for the occasion. We actually saw Tamara in NYC with this super rare, exclusive Hermes bag around this exact same time last year. This is the sort of limited edition Hermes bag you’ll only see in the hands of heiresses, top-tier actresses, Kardashians and the like. For Hermes fans, it’s kind of the Holy Grail.

It’s extremely hard to tell, but Tamara is actually four and a half months pregnant in this photo. (Congrats, tiny fetus, you’re already a billionaire!) Bizarrely enough, when we saw Tamara with this bag last year, she hadn’t even met Jay. They met in January, became engaged in February, wed in a $7 million celebration on the French Riviera in June and announced their happy news in October.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

    They actually look really cute.

  • Or

    She should take those implants out

    • shueaddict

      have you ever been pregnant ?

      • bananadelrey

        She does have implants, people talk about them all the time on their style thread in TPF, and your right they do grow when pregnant too.

  • SCG

    I hope she was shopping for me…

  • Guest

    He doesn’t look very happy. I hope she has a prenup in that bag!

  • Camilla

    My bff has the exact same bag and she is not a heiress, actress or the like..LOL..
    She is just rich ;)

    • emo.gen

      Your BFF is sooooo lucky..

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