Anyone who’s ever tried to push a needle through any kind of durable material knows that doing it in an orderly, aesthetically pleasing way is nearly impossible, which just makes the amount of handwork that goes into some of Hermes’ leather goods all the more impressive.

Although mechanized manufacturing has taken on an increased role in Hermes production over the years, the brand still does more hand-stitching than any other major brand on the luxury mass market, and this official video of an Hermes craftsman hand-stitching part of a saddle shows just how much care goes into the brand’s leather goods. I certainly wouldn’t want to sit and do that all day, would you?

Also, if you haven’t checked out the official Hermes YouTube page, I highly recommend it. The videos vary from advertisements to behind-the-scenes manufacturing clips, and they’re all a fascinating look into one of fashion’s most secretive brands.

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  • Vitta

    Thank you for this post, Amanda! It’s great to see the process with your own eyes, not just to read about it. Have you noticed that he was perforating freehand, with no outline, if I’m not mistaken? Amazing skill! That’s why the Hermes leather goods are so expensive.

    • I don’t see a pattern either, and although I knew the stitching was done like this, seeing the process makes it all the more impressive. I can’t sew a straight line through cotton, so this is a hard-earned skill indeed.

  • Lori

    Wow! Makes me appreciate my bag that much more. I am beyond impressed. Thanks for posting this.

    Are all bags hand sewn like this? I am looking closely at the stitching on my Evelyne and it is so perfect, it looks like a machine did it. Either way, it’s a beautiful bag.

  • Bir

    And Hermes is hermes how wonderful !!!! It just makes me love Hermes so much more !!!!

  • Rebecca

    This makes me want an Hermes saddle even more than I already do! Amazing.

  • Penelope

    that clip was amazing!!
    thank you so much for posting and helping us give insight to the craftsmanship.

  • Klara

    I think it’s not good for your body to sit like that, they should have ergonomic chairs! Otherwise, I think stitching is nice, it is kind of therapeutic.

  • Klara
  • kemilia

    Amazing, and to think everything was once made by hand like that until machines came along.

    I’m with Amanda–not only can I not sew a straight line, when I sew a button back on, it looks bad, but it does stay on due to my crazy stitching and use of too much thread. Hermes won’t be hiring me soon!

  • qudz

    impressive and amazing! ive gotta say though, although i dont have a h bag yet, i would want mine to be handcrafted as such, if im going to put 10k into it! lol, thats just my opinion.

  • Christine

    wow hardcore..

  • amina

    wow i am so impresed so much effort i have only one berkin the people who are making this its there effort we only wear them and people appreciate us thank you hermes

  • amina

    wow i am so impresed so much effort i have only one berkin the people who are making this its there effort we only wear them and people appreciate us thank you hermes

  • SS

    There are times that humans are not replaceable by machines…

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