Regular Black Friday sales are fun, but you know what’s really fun? Being able to get your hands on vintage and gently used pieces that aren’t normally available on the Internet at all. That’s where our friends at Rue La La come in – they’re known for offering the best vintage and gently used rare pieces on the Internet, and because today is such a huge day in online shopping, they’ve cooked up something particularly special for you with the Rue La La Luxe Gifts Sale.

With everything from Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags, to Chanel and Hermes accessories, to Tiffany jewelry (a first!), this huge sale has not only a bunch of options for the luckiest recipients on your gift list this holiday season, but also perhaps a little something with which you might treat yourself. After all, it’s the ladies in the family that usually experience the most holiday stress because we’re generally the ones saddled with the duties of gift-buying, wrapping and cooking. You deserve a treat (or maybe two), and we’ve got some suggestions to get you started when the sale opens in half an hour. Shop quickly, though – the sale runs from 3 p.m. today, November 23 to 11 a.m. Monday, November 26. Shop the full sale starting at 3!

Hermes Black Lizard Birkin, 25cm

Neutral enough to be taken out for a spin whenever you please, small enough to get oohs and ahhs at an after-work event; this exotics Birkin is the best of both worlds. Available via Rue La La.

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Monogram Salina Rubis Tote

Limited edition Louis Vuitton bags are very hard to come by, and this one, with its red trim and totally functional shape, is particularly lust-worthy. Available via Rue La La.

Chanel Flap Bag Earrings

Vintage Chanel costume jewelry is particularly collectable, and who wouldn’t want little golden handbags dangling from their ears? As long as they’re Chanel bags, of course. Available via Rue La La.

Hermes Vert Anis Birkin

There is no more sophisticated a pop of color than a bright Hermes Birkin. Available via Rue La La.

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag

Even if you’re skeptical about winter whites, this Chanel shoulder bag should be more than enough to change your mind. Available via Rue La La.

Hermes Collier de Chien Ostrich Belt

If you’re looking for a chicer way to hold up your pants, you can stop looking. It doesn’t exist. Available via Rue La La.

Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Bandouliere

Just in time for the holiday travel season, pick up one of the greatest travel pieces of all time. Available via Rue La La.

Hermes Kelly 35cm

If you think the Kelly is too precious to be an everyday bag, take a look at this version and think again. Available via Rue La La.

Chanel Quilted Flap Bag

A black Chanel shoulder bag is something every fashionable woman needs in her closet, and this one is ever-so-slightly different than the ones that most people have. Being different is always more fun. Available via Rue La La.

‘Tis the season to be giving…so we won’t speculate as to why Lindsay Lohan looked considerably more polished than her overworked, overstuffed black Hermes Birkin when she headed out to do an interview for “Good Morning America” last week. Or why she was photographed God knows how many hours later looking like a drunken caricature of her mom. We’ll say something nice. Lindsay, I love your new old hair color. It reminds us of when you did the Parent Trap move, or Mean Girls, and you were still an upbeat, fresh-faced youth, and not…you know. Also, I love those Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Boots. Where did you…acquire those from?

No, but seriously. Lindsay. You’re just a few months away from being on Dr. Phil. Everything Amy Poehler said during that infamous opening sketch of SNL when you hosted in 2005 has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ve already got one Lifetime movie in the bag. I say this sincerely – please hand that Birkin over to someone who will love it and treat it with respect. Someone who won’t load it up with what is clearly a handle full of vodka, and then abandon it at a club at 4 am. And please find some modicum of sobriety before it’s forced on you by hard jail time.

With the holidays fast approaching, it is imperative we all begin to work on our holiday shopping lists. Consider me selfish, but the first person I think about is me when it comes to what I want to receive or buy myself for a gift. There is no better way to wake up on Christmas morning than by finding a large orange box under the tree, and this year is helping my dreams come true. can be called the original American flash sale site, they’ve been in the game for the longest. And knowing that their readers and our readers both love vintage Hermès bags, we are showcasing a major vintage Hermès sale you won’t want to miss. The bags were curated by the fabulous Madison Avenue Couture and this vintage Hermès sale features bags in every color of the rainbow. If you know your Hermès colors, then hearing Rouge Casaque, Menthe, Blue Hydra, Rose Tyrien, Ultra Violet, and Moutarde will be music to your ears. Even better is knowing there are plenty of exotic bags to be had from crocodile to alligator to ostrich.

Owning an vintage Hermès bag is a dream for so many, and is there to help. While the Birkin and Kelly are the most famous from the brand, there will also be Evelyne bags and other modern classics amongst fabulous silk scarves and jewelry pieces.

Vintage Hermès Capucine Togo Birkin 35cm


Let’s kick this off with the much coveted Birkin in a very beautiful hue. Capucine is a pairing of red with a tinge of orange, and truly looks stunning.

Vintage Hermès Black Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin 35cm


And if you want a Crocodile Birkin that will work with every outfit and you will never have to swap it out again, this is the bag for you. This is the ultimate of ultimates, a Black Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin.

Vintage Hermès Kelly Menthe Chevre de Coromandel Kelly 28cm


There is something so alluring about the Hermès Kelly and I can picture this Menthe version looking downright stunning against camel hues.

Vintage Hermès Moutarde Togo Birkin 35cm


I’ve said it many times, but yellow handbags deserve more praise. A yellow Birkin, well that is just the jackpot.

Vintage Hermès Bougainvillier Ostrich Birkin 35cm


Not everyone loves ostrich skin, but if you do – this bag is an amazing mix of feminine and chic.

Vintage Hermès Blue Hydra Togo Birkin 35cm


No one can get enough cobalt blue in her accessories life, so why not opt for the ultimate? has it for you with the Blue Hydra Birkin.

Vintage Hermès Ultraviolet Togo Birkin 35cm


Hermès is known for their colors and one of my favorite from the house is their various shades of purple. This Ultraviolet Birkin is a true purple and works well with blacks and browns alike.

Vintage Hermès Bougainvillier Shiny Nilo Crocodile Birkin 30cm


Now we are talking. I am adding this stunner to my list. Santa Baby, how about a little Nilo Crocodile under my tree?

Vintage Hermès Potiron Togo Birkin 30cm


Everyone needs a classic bag and the potiron color is neutral but not overdone. Similar to Hermès Gold leather, but with more orange undertones, this bag can easily be worked into everyday wear for years to come.

Not only has Kim Kardashian been stepping up her accessories game lately, but so has the entire Kardashian family. It seems they all have made Hermes a part of their everyday lives, and if one of the sisters isn’t carrying a Birkin, their mother Kris most definitely is. The family that so many loves to hate continues to relish in the spotlight, and with each bit of extra attention they get, their value goes up. This is why we spot the entire crew in what seems to be a never-ending flow of new wares, cars, and homes. Like many celebrities, their bag of choice right now is the Hermes Birkin.

Kim has been karrying her Hermes Birkins more often in the past few months, but most recently she decided to splurge on an exotic, and she just can’t put it down. As much as many of her outfits look ridiculous, a black crocodile Hermes Birkin is about as classic as it gets, so we totally understand why she nabbed this bag. Since she welcomed the new bag to her kollection, she has not put it down. From jet-setting across the world to going to the gym, Kim Kardashian just can’t get enough of her Crocodile Hermes Birkin. To be honest, we don’t blame her.

Nicola Formichetti is known for a variety of reasons, including his role as the creative director for French fashion house MUGLER and, perhaps most notably, for being the stylist of and a frequent collaborator with Lady Gaga, on both a personal and professional level. In fact, Nicola is not just any guy, he is a jack of many trades, collaborating often and sharing his love of fashion and his style all over the world.

Nicola loves pandas and has a popup shop showcasing his Nicopanda line, which will soon be available online as well. I caught Nicola on Instagram, and I recognized his Hermes Birkin immediately. What I also saw was the way he dressed it up, and by dressed it up I mean he took markers to it to customize it and make it his own. Among his designs, the front of his Hermes bag actually reads “This is Nicopanda” and the back says “This bag is not for you“. Some find taking marker to a $10,000 bag a travesty, but I must say what he did to his bag stays completely on brand with who he is. What do you think of Nico’s Hermes Birkin?

Our friends from Heritage Auctions are at it again. Have a Holy Grail Handbag in your mind? An exotic? Some Hermes? Exotic Hermes, maybe? Or exotic…anything? Those are the bags that dreams are made of, naturally, and Heritage Auctions is in the business of making those dreams come true. In the Heritage Auctions Handbag & Luxury Accessories December Auction on December 4 in Dallas, the selection of dream bags up for grabs is truly mind-blowing. We’ve been passing the auction catalog around the PurseBlog offices to ooh and ahh since it arrived – even to jaded handbag pros, it’s an incredible assortment of pieces.

We’ve teamed up with Heritage to bring you a preview of the best of the best from the huge auction listing. Sun-kissed Chanel Classic Flap? We’ve got it. Diamond-encrusted crocodile Hermes Birkin? That too. The auction features lots of regular leather bags from the most sought-after brands in the world as well, but it’s the exotics and limited edition pieces that are the biggest pleasure to be hold. Below, check out our favorites, or peruse the full selection via Heritage Auctions.

Hermes Birkin 35cm in Violet Porosus Crocodile, starting bid: $40,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes Mini Kelly in Limited Edition Sterling Silver, starting bid: $10,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes 25cm Birkin in Ombre Lizard, starting bid: $15,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes 32cm Sellier Kelly in Poudre Alligator, starting bid: $7,500 via Heritage Auctions

Chanel Matte Crocodile Jumbo Classic Flap Bag, starting bid: $8,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes 35cm Birkin in Black Porosus Crocodile with Diamond-Encrusted 18k White Gold Hardware, starting bid: $100,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes 35cm Birkin in Electric Blue Clemence Leather, starting bid: $8,000 via Heritage Auctions

Hermes 40cm HAC Birkin in Matte Amethyst Prosus Crocodile, starting bid: $50,000 via Heritage Auctions

Yves Saint Laurent Special Order Crocodile Sac Uptown in Shiny Red Crocodile, starting bid: $2,000 via Heritage Auctions

Lately Rue La La has really been turning out some seriously good sales, and today is no exception. Ladies, get your plastic ready – an entire sale dedicated to the pure luxury of Hermes launches today at 11:00 AM EST. We are bringing you an early preview of our fave picks. The best part about this sale is that it includes tons of accessories and random goodies (for men and women!) at varying price points, so gifting the luxury lover in your life is a no brainer.

Winter whites? We say yes. Hermes Cream Leather Bolide 35cm Tote via Rue La La.

Oversized watches are so, so sexy. This Hermes Silver Plated Brown Leather HR1-510 H Wristwatch looks like you borrowed it from your man. Get it via Rue La La.

This Hermes Gray Silk Animaux Solaires Screened Carre 90cm Scarf is one of the many scarves for sale – via Rue La La.

How does this belt manage to be edgy and classic at the same time? And the gold hardware is so luxe. Hermes Black Leather Medor Belt Size 70 via Rue La La.

If the man in your life is in need of a tie, this sale has a handful to choose from. We couldn’t help but share this amazing Hermes Men’s Orange La Cravate En Agneau Lambskin Leather Neck Tie. That’s right. A lambskin necktie. Get it via Rue La La.

This collectible Kelly is actually made of vinyl. A perfect gift for the Hermes enthusiast who has everything…else. Hermes Clear Vinyl Kelly Souvenir De L’Exposition 1997 Beach Tote Handbag via Rue La La.

The covetable Hermes Gold & Black Enamel Clic Clac H Bracelet. So simple, so easy to wear with everything. Via Rue La La.

The most fun and most cost effective Hermes gift for holiday ever. Hermes White Printed Standard Deck Playing Cards via Rue La La.

Quick poll, ladies: if you’re lucky enough to own an authentic Hermes Birkin, would you ever let it touch the ground? Oliva Palermo’s black Birkin looks downright dejected carving a space for itself on the NYC pavement. Shouldn’t she just enlist her hot German model boyfriend to stand a respectful 3 paces behind her and act as her official Birkin handler? Shouldn’t this bag at least get its own cafe seat? These are the questions that plague us.

Olivia Palermo (who you may know from her 3 season stint on MTV’s “The City”, or if you’re from the city, for her amphibious Upper East Side/Brooklyn socialite lifestyle) and her man Johannes Huebl (who you may know for being stupidly good-looking) were recently spotted noshing pasta at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village, along with Huebl’s mother and several friends. We love the chunky knit sweater/pencil leggings/flats look just as much as the next girl, Olivia, but please, more respect for the Birkin!

And now, here’s an adorable little something to get your mind off this increasingly frustrating Frankenstorm aftermath. Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford was recently spotted balancing a teensy Maltese on top of her Hermes Evelyne bag – though from the looks of it, he could’ve fit neatly inside. (It’s a well known fact among toy dog owners that toy breeds love to go for walks…but hate walking.)

Kelly is seen wearing her Etoupe Evelyne cross-body style here – which is the perfect way to style it when you’re motoring across town with a cup of joe and puppy in tow. Fun fact: Rutherford’s son is actually named Hermes. She claims he’s named after the Greek God, and not the designer, but her ridiculous brand loyalty says otherwise.

Nothing says “keepin’ it real” like a pair of sneaks, sunglasses, a bright orange tracksuit, and a matching crocodile Hermes Birkin bag. Jennifer Lopez and boy toy Casper Smart were also keeping it exceptionally casual while doing a little shopping in London this week. Nothing says “casual” like head-to-toe Tangerine Tango.

The couple reportedly snagged some alone time at Harrods while J.Lo’s kids chilled back at the muy upscale Claridge’s Hotel. But seriously you guys, she’s still Jenny from the Block. But now with more Birkins. Crocodiles ones. And nannies. And I’m betting she overpays for her lounge wear too. Unless maybe that red-orange extravaganza is from her Kohl’s clothing line? I somehow doubt it.

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