Get excited, everyone: we have lots of vintage and pre-owned Hermes loveliness to show you to speed up the end of you work week. Our friends at Rue La La are having another one of their highly anticipated From the Reserve sales starting tomorrow morning at 11 a.m., and it is chock full of all the Hermes goodies that you could ever dream of.

I’m not sure when it was that I became truly aware of the world of luxury but when I did, I learned very quickly that luxury products felt better, lasted longer and true luxury is inherent to the craft of the product. It wasn’t long before I happened upon the ultimate symbol of luxury craftsmanship – Hermes.

I know many PurseBlog readers are intimately familiar with the brand and many of you lucky ladies are the proud owners of a Birkin or Kelly bag.

Ladies and gents, the time has come: we have ourselves a winner. As many of you know, we partnered with our fabulous friends at PopSugar, Moda Operandi and Shop Style to give all you handbag fanatics the opportunity to win a vintage 35cm Navy Hermes Birkin. The entries poured in, the giveaway came to a close and a winner was randomly selected and contacted.

When Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions team up to bring Heritage’s catalog of amazing pre-owned and vintage Hermes bags to online luxury shoppers everywhere, my heart always skips a beat. You never know what kind of rare gems are going to be contained within the sale, but there’s always something (and usually a lot of somethings) incredibly rare and totally gorgeous to covet.

Let’s cut right to the chase here: Hermes bags are fun to look at, even if you can’t afford one. If you can afford one, particularly one like the Hermes Blue Roi Crocodile Birkin up top, they’re even more fun to look at. Thus, to help you speed through your Friday morning and straight into the weekend, we bring you a gallery of the bags up for grabs in Moda Operandi’s latest vintage Hermes sale in conjunction with Heritage Auctions.

First released in 1975, it’s been decades since the Hermes Passe-Guide Bag graced the shelves of an Hermes retail store, but the heavily hardwared bag made a comeback for Spring 2012 and will be produced again for fall. In very limited quantities, that is; the design starts at $11,700 for regular leather, and good luck finding one to purchase. What, you thought that Hermes would launch a new bag by making it widely available to all interested parties?

Many friends, friends of friends and other miscellaneous acquaintances are pregnant or have recently had babies – I’m just at that age. I’ve been getting baby shower invites left and right, and lucky for me, there is nothing I adore more than shopping for kiddos. Who doesn’t love pint-sized Burberry coats, Ralph Lauren polos, and Gucci leather booties?

I have always said that the Hermes Hermy Plush Horse is one of the best nursery gifts.

In and of itself, news of police busting up a counterfeit handbag ring is not exactly breaking news. Enormous luxury brands put pressure on authorities in Europe and America to stanch the flow of fake bags into their markets, usually from Asian manufacturers and distributors unaffiliated with the mainstream luxury industry in any way. Police bust the rings fairly regularly, proudly displaying crates of confiscated goods on the news, only to have more sprout up in the defunct rings’ places.

It’s not often that our Real Housewives coverage and our handbag coverage intersect, but sometimes when a reality TV star finds herself in financial straits, the stuff in her closet is all she has left with which to barter. (Side note: Why do people in financial distress find themselves so attracted to television? Bravo doesn’t pay that well.)

That’s apparently what happened to Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, who recently settled a lawsuit that had been brought against her and her late husband Russell over allegations that they defrauded for over $1.5 million while they claimed to seek funding for the company’s growth.

As some of you have probably read, there’s a set of photos going around the Internet that purport to show Clint Eastwood’s 19-year-old daughter Francesca Eastwood chewing on, sawing in half and then setting ablaze a “$100,000 Hermes Crocodile Birkin” (scare quotes intentional, you’ll see why in a second), all in the name of art. (“Art.”) The photos appear on the website of photographer Tyler Shields, Eastwood’s boyfriend, and their creation will reportedly be documented in an episode of her E!

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