Hermes Birkin 35cm Rose Scheherazade Crocodile

In some ways, I find pre-owned bags more exciting than bags that are brand new and available at the click of a button all over the Internet. Finding a gorgeous pre-owned bag, whether it’s a discontinued colorway or special-order piece, makes me feel like I’ve spotted an endangered species in the wild, except that for the right price, I can take it home and make it my own. If you’ve got deep pockets, that’s exactly the opportunity that awaits you at the Moda Operandi x Heritage Auctions Special Collections Vintage Hermes Sale.

We get really excited every time one of these sales pops up, mostly because Heritage sources some truly mesmerizing bags. Prices start at $3,800 for a simple, elegant Hermes Whitebus Tote and max out at $99,500 (yes, you read that correctly) for an Hermes Constance in blue-grey crocodile with diamond-encrusted white gold hardware and a constrasting orange leather interior. In between those two extremes that are plenty of Birkins and Kellys in both regular leathers and a plethora of exotics and multi-material combinations. If you’re feeling spendy, check out our favorites from the sale below or shop the full selection via Moda Operandi. Act fast, though – there’s only one of each of these bags!

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  • Kathleen

    Prices seem quite high, even in this environment.

    • Joshua

      I agree! There’s even a couple (non-exotic leather) Birkin 35′s that are above $20K!! These prices are insane!

  • imush

    Hi, I have a 35cm Geranium Birkin for sale if anyone is interested, Based in London……its only been taken out twice and I am looking for a quick sell as I am not to keen on the colour anymore……..

    • Cleo

      Hey imush, do you still have your geranium birkin??

  • Dolceb

    Hi! anyway someone can help me ? How can you tell if it”s real or fake??

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