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  • andredre47

    Ew boots and black jeans in the summer? I don’t care how beautiful you are, but that is a DON’T.

  • roxannegbryant

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  • Louise

    La largeur de son visage est plus grande que la hauteur de sa tête, ça fait, donc, un drôle d’effet….

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  • Courtney McAlexander

    The spam messages are out of control on PB and TS. I hope it’s something y’all can get control of soon. I like reading the comments, but I’ve gotten to where I really don’t anymore given all these spam ads.

    • I didn’t see any spam message here

  • missarewa

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Name

    She dies have quite a big head, as mentioned by Louise… And sandals in summer are perhaps a better idea… You know, as in keeping your feet fresh and comfy….

  • avisha

    the lady behind is wearing the same top with the black bralet :P

  • rachelefawcett

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  • Ana Pisicila

    I almost stopped marveling at her wardrobe (almost!) – we know she bloody well has got it!! I just gawk at her skin every time – perfection incarnated.

  • fdgdfgdgdfgd

    This article would be 1000x better if they told us what brand bralet/tank she is wearing.

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