Miranda Kerr Hermes Birkin

Here’s supermodel Miranda Kerr, doing Miranda Kerr things on an especially steamy, 93-degree day in New York City and making an intentionally exposed black bralet look ridiculously chic, somehow. (Strangely enough, the woman standing behind her is trying the exact same thing. I’d say Miranda wears it better, but I might be biased by my insane girl crush on MK.) Miranda is carrying a black Hermes Birkin, natch.

Unless you just landed here, you probably know that Miranda is one of our favorite celebs to feature on PurseBlog and TalkShoes; her accessories picks usually trump every other celeb’s bag and/or shoes on any given day. You can see all of her exceptional fashion ensembles in “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr”, “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part 2″, and “The Many Shoes of Miranda Kerr.”

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  • andredre47

    Ew boots and black jeans in the summer? I don’t care how beautiful you are, but that is a DON’T.

  • roxannegbryant

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  • Louise

    La largeur de son visage est plus grande que la hauteur de sa tête, ça fait, donc, un drôle d’effet….

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  • Courtney McAlexander

    The spam messages are out of control on PB and TS. I hope it’s something y’all can get control of soon. I like reading the comments, but I’ve gotten to where I really don’t anymore given all these spam ads.

  • missarewa

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Name

    She dies have quite a big head, as mentioned by Louise… And sandals in summer are perhaps a better idea… You know, as in keeping your feet fresh and comfy….

  • avisha

    the lady behind is wearing the same top with the black bralet :P

  • rachelefawcett

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  • Ana Pisicila

    I almost stopped marveling at her wardrobe (almost!) – we know she bloody well has got it!! I just gawk at her skin every time – perfection incarnated.

  • fdgdfgdgdfgd

    This article would be 1000x better if they told us what brand bralet/tank she is wearing.

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