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  • boniquachica


    • demi-leigh

      i think the chanel bag is ok but i seen better. i wouldnt say to any of my friends to buy it because its not nice to were out on a nite out like the stand knight club or the neve:(. But i would tell my mummy to wear it to her work :). am not saying its not nice but not my kind of look :(

  • Lori

    It’s kinda torture seeing the only purse I will never be able to afford but want more than any other purse! But keep showing them please because they are fabulous.

  • AA

    Thats so beautiful!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I never tire of looking at Megs Hermes handbag!! Fantastic pic Vlad!!!

  • Paulina

    Yum yum yum!

  • Melody

    Black on black . Nice shot.

  • P. Series Stylist

    This bag is seriously too fabulous!!!

  • Redseouls

    Vlad that’s an excellent photo!

  • Sooyaree

    I really really love this bag, except I won’t be able to own it :D

  • Handbag Lover


  • You know I’m jaded because when I looked at this picture, my first thought was, “My car hasn’t been that clean since the day I bought it. And it never will be again.” Add in a few Chick-fil-a straw wrappers and my iPod wires coming out of the console, and you’d be a little closer to what my passenger seat looks like.

  • Pandor@

    Sooo sexy! And sooo luxurious! *aaaaahw*

  • putrikardinal

    one day.. one day! *fingers crossed!

  • Sarahsaurus

    Beautiful, beautiful! Any word on when we will find out the enviably lucky winner of this bag’s twin?

  • Rashida

    Drool worthy!

  • Mochababe73

    Love it. I really like the two different textures of the car seat and the Hermes. I am not a black handbag person, but this is a beautiful shot.

  • lawchick

    What a gorgeous shot!

  • Lyli

    *wipes mouth*

  • Cheryl

    What a classic!!!

  • jessica

    Pls hand me a drool bucket! Simply gorgeous!

  • Mrs. T,


  • michelle

    Certified lady porn!

  • rere

    This shot is gorgeous.


    I don’t want to afford it , my cute Black XL Giselle Bag by Luella will suffice, LOL!!!!!

  • CaRmInA

    LoVe It!!! :)

  • starr

    i have this bag and i plan to SELL it :p

    • molly

      Hello, you wanna sell ur Hermes birkin bag? How much are you planning on selling it? Is it a 30cm or 35cm or 40cm? Thank you..

  • ievafromLT

    simply,adorable,amazing = I WANT IT!

  • Carla Korne

    who needs words!

  • Elyse

    that bag gets me every single time. It truly is the holy grail of handbags (fb)

  • shushuwu

    Well I just have to say what a lucky owner you are! How sublime, how absOlutely beautiful.

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