Kim and Kourtney arrive back from dinner in NYC

Here’s (slight) baby bump-rockin’ Kim Kardashian in NYC doing a little press with her sister Kourtney. You’ll notice Kim is carrying an uber rare, extremely covetable, limited edition Hermes So Black Birkin! If you’re unfamiliar with the So Black Birkin, you’ll notice the bag has black hardware on black leather. I’ve given the Birkin a little flack this week (the word “overexposed” might’ve been used), but the So Black Birkin reminds me what the fuss is all about.

These limited edition bags are highly sought-after, but we could only find two celebs in the PB archives that actually owned one, at last count – Kim and British heiress Tamara Ecclestone, who owns the Hermes So Black Croc Birkin. So if you’re thinking of adding one to your shopping list…good luck with that.

  • bir

    the bag is amazing.. Box leather its just to perfect. and yes the search for an ideal birkin must now go beyond basics because it is overexposed. but this bag is…… one of those that Hermes just got right and honestly Kim does wear it well … but tamara and petra wear it even better i must say.

    • anonymous

      Amazingly enough, those two Ecclestone sisters do carry them the best, imo.

  • FashionableLena

    I never thought of the Birkin being overexposed. To be honest, I’ve seen one being carried once in real life. I recognized the woman from the Houston society pages and knew that the family was wealthy. I just assumed it was real.
    I have always liked that back hardware.

  • Ebun

    Have we (yes, I feel like I’m part of the team, hence the “we” :P) done a TMB of Kim? If not, Amanda can we pls have one ! :)

  • Mercaddict

    I think Elizabeth Hurley has one as well…….

  • Hermes Handbags

    great bags

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