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  • JaneH

    I don’t know why but I feel like someone needs to get her a glass of water in this photo. She looks tired and parched.

  • nappy

    Why do i feel like she wants to transform into a beyonce? I just feel like she might burst into a song and dance number anytime… hahaha

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    • Ammy Taylor

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  • Gina

    Why cover Kim Kardashian? She is fake beyond fake.

    • Hierophilic

      Because she turned the blatant exploitation of her privacy into a damn business, got back on her feet, and people simply hate her for it. She’s not “fake”, she’s a human being who is imperfect like the rest of us, and wears nice clothes and carries gorgeous bags. That’s why. Bye.

      • Gina

        Nope. She is disgusting and pretending that is not the case does no good. Deuces.

      • Natalie

        You are disgusting and judgemental. Not Kim.

      • Hierophilic

        Nope, you’re disgusting and pretending to be better than other women who are better off than you does no good. Deuces, jerk.

  • Hierophilic

    She does look tired, poor dear :/ we don’t know what’s happening in her life, but I sure hope she takes care of herself.

  • She looks so tired…

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