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  • pinkynina

    She needs a new stylist. Her shoes are way too small and those sunglasses are hideous.

    • pinkynina

      Pinky toes aren’t supposed to be squished out from your sandals.

      • Nico

        OMG that looks painful as heck. Why do people do this?!

  • VividTexas

    *yawn*. completely underwhelmed by the whole thing….from the teensy little Birkin, to the fugly glasses and wrinkled skirt.

    • londonhermit

      Good cal vivid. She also prob got the bag sent for free.

  • kate

    Looks smaller than a Birkin 30.

  • Amy

    Replacement for that hideous gift from Kanye?

    • sara

      This is exactly what Kanye should have purchased for her for Christmas.

  • CK

    Many Thai actresses owned this birkin bag as an investment. I saw this bag maybe like 2 years ago. Can’t believe you use the word “major” for this bag in 2014!

  • WhosThatBag

    Why have lunch at The Ivy, then act like you don’t want your picture taken. Oh, Kimmie.

  • Guest

    Wow! That over-burdened bra strap is really slicing into her shoulder.

  • bir

    just as a note i like the monochromatic look of this day and its a 25cm birkin !

  • Silversun

    I don’t now about other people, but a Himalayan croc B sighting still gets a gasp of awe from me. Gorgeous. Love it in the 25cm as well.

  • BeverlyLeslie

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