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  • Kelly

    I get that this is about her handbag but is anyone going to bring up her lips!?

    • missarewa

      lmao! its really sad that they feel they need to do all this to be beautiful. she looks ridiculous!

      • lcs

        it looks terrible/ so obviously bad

      • erindours

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    • AshleyG

      I hate to diss Khloe- she’s my favorite Kardashian… I will just say that all of those girls are naturally beautiful and really don’t need any assistance… though they clearly choose to get some…

    • Deborah

      I was going to say the same thing! She was so gorgeous and now just looks comicbookdashian. Sad.

  • jerrymsantistevan

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  • David

    Can this blog go 2 weeks without a post about a member of this family, please! They carry basically the same things, yawn yawn yawn, theres more exciting handbag and accessories new to be had….

    • LoriEHutcherson

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  • fashdash

    These girls have really ruined my desire to ever get a Birkin:/

  • Guest

    What’s going on with her mouth??

  • Is it a birkin 40cm blue electric togo bag?

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