Kelly Rutherford Hermes Evelyn

And now, here’s an adorable little something to get your mind off this increasingly frustrating Frankenstorm aftermath. Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford was recently spotted balancing a teensy Maltese on top of her Hermes Evelyne bag – though from the looks of it, he could’ve fit neatly inside. (It’s a well known fact among toy dog owners that toy breeds love to go for walks…but hate walking.)

Kelly is seen wearing her Etoupe Evelyne cross-body style here – which is the perfect way to style it when you’re motoring across town with a cup of joe and puppy in tow. Fun fact: Rutherford’s son is actually named Hermes. She claims he’s named after the Greek God, and not the designer, but her ridiculous brand loyalty says otherwise.

  • ah

    beautiful hermes~!!!

  • anouk

    Kelly is so gorgeous!

  • paradox

    the red birkin photobombed!

  • gpc

    more posts about Hermes – zzzzzzzz………

  • Zala Yamato

    love her jacket/coat!

  • Jjs

    Is this pm or gm???

  • dnfl

    i feel as if the bag shoudl sit a bit lower..

  • Chele

    I love the look of the Evelyne – casual yet chic!

  • Denise

    WHAT a cute pup!

  • elle

    Kelly Rutherford has flawless style.

  • Jessica

    Absolutely love her style

  • makeawish2468

    totally love the red birkin.

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