Jenny McCarthy shows off her brand new tattoo that covers the top of her right foot and features a rose with leaves and intricate vines

Here’s Jenny McCarthy in NYC carrying an eye-popping bright blue Hermes Jypsiere Bag. The Jypsiere is a comparatively new Hermes design, introduced only a couple of years ago. It sports Birkin-esque closures and flourishes, but has a more unisex, messenger bag structure. It’s worlds less traditional than other Hermes bag designs – and also, it’s one of Amanda’s personal faves. I can’t decide between the Jypsiere and the Kelly, myself. But wait…this might tip the odds in the Jypsiere’s favor – Hermes has deemed, in their infinite wisdom, that this $7300 Hermes bag should be made available to the common masses via the Internet! Plebeians, rejoice! It’s available for $7,300 at

Why is Jenny McCarthy all up in your face on a random Wednesday in 2013, you ask? Well, her brand new talk show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, is scheduled to debut on VH1 at 10:30 PM EST on February 8th. 1990s deja vu all over again? I kind of feel like you’ve already tried this, VH1, but I’ll bite!

  • AshleyG

    I KNOW that this conversation will, can, and has gone on for ever but this is just one of those moments where I can’t help myself to not express- $7K for THAT?! Good grief! I know, I know- craftsmanship, material, attention to detail, la de da de da… but good Lord! But hey, if you (as in anyone) are willing and able, then more power to ya! :-D

    • gpc

      AshleyG – I completely agree, and I just don’t get it… I am at a loss for words anymore when it comes to Hermes. I don’t own an Hermes handbag, but I do own a belt and a Collier de Chien cuff bracelet (both gifts from my husband), but I am still not enamored enough to buy one of their bags. I’ll stick with my Delvaux…

  • Nee

    I love this purse! It’s on my wishlist and its just a matter of time before I get it!!

  • Erica

    Okay, I’ve dropped a pretty penny or two for my Chanels, etc. But 7300 for a glorified messenger bag? Hermes is on some ish.

  • connie

    How many poor kids could she have bought shoes for, or fed, paid some college tuition for. I can’t stand people like that.

  • LillyBel

    I was looking around for a messenger bag, when I spotted this woman at a department store with a bag that I thought would be perfect. In a beautiful French accent, she told me it was Hermes. (The Jypsiere) It was the smaller version, black, and she was wearing it crossbody. It had an equestrian look: great with tall riding boots in the winter. I took a look at it in a Hermes store, and didn’t love the long flap across the front, but the leather is beautiful. The price seems too high for a more casual bag, however, I still have it on my long wish list.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    This picture is not a great representation of this bag. It looks best as a cross body and you miss the detail looking at the back of it. The most that I’ve paid for a Chanel bag is in the $4,000 range so it is extremely difficult to consider paying almost twice as much for a bag. Having said that, this bag was so captivating to me in person that I plan to EBay some of my Chanel bags to get one.

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