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  • Ah yes the famous Birkin bag in such a beautiful color! I like how the rest of her outfit is black and white so the bag stands out:)

  • Rosa Lily

    The color of the bag is quite stunning.

  • Lea

    Whats the big deal, they’re seem to be using the same skirts
    Not great

  • Nívia

    Dislocated bag from the look itself,not her cup of tea
    It seems more if she’s thought, ” oh the birkin s a fancy bag so i’ ll use it, its great to use one..I’ ll be great, stylish and everything, yeeeahhh! ”

    The same cant be said to the guy…oh, my God, what a man!

    • SamDuhigiyn

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  • Love the Royal Blue birkin look, it´s a great style of bag. Love to see more of the neon colors around.


  • Oh, blue electric togo bag again! Is it hot now?

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