Irina Shayk Hermes Birkin

Russian supermodel (and repeat Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl) Irina Shayk was recently spotted hanging out with a couple of friends in Soho. She’s carrying a bright, cobalt blue Hermes Birkin, of course. It’s surprising to see Irina in the city when her boyfriend, Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently playing for his home country of Portugal in the World Cup. Irina has not yet made an appearance in Brazil, but she definitely appears in our “50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels.”

In other quasi-related handbag designer/World Cup news, Louis Vuitton has designed the hard case for the coveted World Cup trophy once again this year. (The brand also had the honor in 2010.) They’ve gone with their classic monogram canvas, for maximum brand exposure during the big reveal. You can see LV’s case design and the 2014 World Cup trophy here.

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  • Lauren Rhodes

    Ah yes the famous Birkin bag in such a beautiful color! I like how the rest of her outfit is black and white so the bag stands out:)

  • Rosa Lily

    The color of the bag is quite stunning.

  • Lea

    Whats the big deal, they’re seem to be using the same skirts
    Not great

  • Nívia

    Dislocated bag from the look itself,not her cup of tea
    It seems more if she’s thought, ” oh the birkin s a fancy bag so i’ ll use it, its great to use one..I’ ll be great, stylish and everything, yeeeahhh! ”

    The same cant be said to the guy…oh, my God, what a man!

    • SamDuhigiyn

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  • Celine Buyjp

    Love the Royal Blue birkin look, it´s a great style of bag. Love to see more of the neon colors around.


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