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A few steps away from Louis Vuitton was the Hermes Venice, Italy store. While my Hermes collection merely contains a handful of scarves, Twilly’s, and a beautiful bracelet, I am on the hunt for a Birkin. The Hermes store in Venice is quaint, but still packs a big punch. Downstairs are all of the scarves, bracelets, and small goods, while upstairs there was clothing and of course, glorious bags. A lovely SA showed me around and delighted my arm with a Blue Jean Hermes Lindy, which I had a really hard time passing up. The only reason I opted not for the Lindy was for the sheer fact that I am anxiously waiting for a Hermes Blue Jean Birkin with Palladium Hardware. Insert drool here. A handful of Kelly’s were spotted here and there which still made my heart skip a few beats. Vlad stood nearby nervously twitching and hoping that I would not give in and/or try to make him give in. We left empty handed, but still whole-heartedly satisfied. In the store front window, a breathtaking Hermes Kelly in Orange Swift tantalized every passerbys eyes. Hopefully, next time I am in Venice, I can walk into Hermes with my own Birkin in hand.

hermes kelly
Hermes Kelly 32 cm in Orange Swift $4180 EUR

A stunning Gondola picture upon the Grand Canal shown below!

gondola venice italy

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  • shopdiary

    megs, a blue jean birkin sounds perfect! perhaps one of our hermes addicts in the purseblog forum can “hook you up”. :wink:

  • Hollywestport

    My Kelly bag just arrived…last evening, over a very romantic dinner with my fiance. Guess, I will be marrying him. I truly, love him and am sooooo totally taken back by
    this gift. :smile:

  • big_foot


    a blue jeam hermes lindy!! i waaaaaaaaaaaannnnntttt!!!!!!

  • sococalifornia

    Ahh.. megs, i am going to Italy in July, the whole country… i can not wait! i foresee a large withdrawal from my check card, where is the best shopping?

    • Go to Milan and Venice for sure! Milan has a huge array of designer shopping. Venice was a blast and had good shopping (especially Bottega Veneta). Outside of Florence is a shop called “The Mall” that is a high end designer outlet shop!

      Have a blast on your trip!

  • Naggy

    I fall asleep at this. (ipad)

  • Clavvy

    Hi anyone, im in milan italy right now, and on sunday may go to rome also, can anyone pls advise,where can i find hermes kelly or birkin bags here, can email me at,thanks a lot…

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