Hermes Plein Cuir Alligator Desk Set 2

Intellectually, we all know that the world of Hermes (and, by extension, the world of Hermes customers) is not like ours. It’s easy to forget that, though, until something like the Hermes Plein Cuir Alligator Desk Set comes along, providing countless hours of workday luxury for a mere $91,600. If you have less desk space than the ability to purchase nearly $100,000 in Hermes exotics to adorn your office might imply, fret not – all of the pieces can be purchased individually, including a pencil cup that costs nearly $6,000.

Unlike a lot of brands hoping to be mentioned in the same breath with the iconic French leather house, Hermes has long sold quite a few of its most covetable products online, including some handbags. This desk set falls into the brand’s “Surprise!” category in its online storefront, which plays host to a rotating selection of luxury oddities and unexpected objects. Despite its astronomical price tag, this set does make a certain amount of sense in the context of the brand; most Hermes customers do have an exceptionally finely appointed office somewhere, even if they’re no longer at the stage in their careers where they have to sit in it every day. They’ve also probably run out of fun things to buy, if an alligator desk blotter has come up in their shopping list, so

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  • sandy

    that is the dumbest way to spend you hard earned dollars

    • sandy

      your* ;)

    • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

      you can’t tell anyone how to spend their money, and if they have the money to buy this they obviously have more

      • sandy

        well duh ! I obviously have the power to tell people how they can spend their money! *rolls eyes* ..

  • Larry

    A stacked leather pencil holder with a tiny circle of Alligator for $6,000? Obscene!


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