hermes crocodile lindy
Hermes Crocodile Lindy

I have gone back and forth on the decision of the Hermes Lindy. The fact is, I love the bag but was not sure it is for me. My SA has had me try it on before and as I have been speaking with my SA we have realized that my next purchase should be a Lindy. The Hermes Lindy has become a house favorite as it offers a more casual feel with every sophisticated touch Hermes is known for. The Lindy features a double sided compartment for ease of separation and use, along with a center that collapses in while being carried. Last week in Saks Vlad and I saw a woman wearing a casual sundress paired with a Graphite Lindy. Everything about her outfit and look was perfect, and the Lindy truly finished it off! While I meticulously pick which color is good for me, I still have a dream Lindy, my holy-grail of Lindy’s. The Hermes Crocodile Lindy is what I call 100% drool worthy. Matte crocodile from the house of Hermes is divine, as it ages it develops the perfect gloss. The Lindy above is graphite 30 Lindy in ultra-supple matte niloticus crocodile. I can not control my love of the handbag when I see it, for every part of me wants it. But the closest I will get to that bag now is in my dreams, because the price is out of my budget. So while I carefully pick my next Hermes bag purchase, I will continue to yearn for the ‘too-expensive-right-now’ Hermes Crocodile Lindy. The price of leather Lindy’s range in the $5,000’s while the price of the Crocodile Lindy, well, as much as I want to know I also don’t want to know. Inquire at your local Hermes boutique.

I just confirmed price of the Hermes Crocodile Lindy is $22,700. Precisely as I expected, out of my budget!

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  • mette

    Yes- I´d want something like this too. I´m sure it´s just as divine as you have described it to be. In my dreams, I can feel the softness of the croc. If I´d ever buy a Lindy,it would have to be this croc one. Unfortunately I too can only dream about one.

    • I adore it in leather also. So for now I will probably get a deep gem color for Fall and then keep dreaming about the stunning supple croc… someday it can happen!

  • Graciella

    I saw the regular leather (as far as there is anything like regular leather at Hermes) Lindy in orange at Hermes Amsterdam last saturday and it’s lovely! I’ve never understood the Birkin-hype, but this one I get! I’d love to have one in pistachio or any other green really. I should start saving I guess…

  • Lori

    I saw this handbag at an Hermes boutique and I really was not thrilled with it at all. It is very very plain and the handles are a bit odd. I looked at a birkin and I loved that it has a lot more style in my opinion.

  • dimon

    I feel that the Lindy does not fit flatly enough between the arm and the body when worn as a shoulder bag, even with the added strap. It is too wide for me and makes my elbow stick out too far. It’s prettier held by the two rounded handles, but then it’s not as practical. It can’t be gotten into very easily either. Sorry to be a downer because I like the fact that Hermes is doing youngish bags too. I was in their Vienna store last week and the SA was very kindly showing a few of us women how she thinks it should be worn but we all agreed that for practicality the Bolide or the Omnibus was better, not as original though.

    • pursefan

      Funny, I thought so too – in the beginning I didn´t like the lindy at all. I´ve also visited the store in Vienna and after trying it on a couple of times, I found the perfect one for me. just love it. have to start saving a.s.a.p.

  • Anna at

    I love it, but I have to say, for that hefty pricetag, it doesn’t really stand out much.

  • wgs

    i saw this at the south coast boutique and attempted to try it on. how the heck are you supposed to carry it? when i tried to carry it on my wrist, it just didn’t feel right. it’s very fun and cute, but personally, its not practical… especially for the price.

  • sweetea

    I saw this black croc Lindy in Hermes butique in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta and I had a chance to model it. I love it. I think Lindy is simple and unique. The croc of course that what make the statement. I would buy the croc Lindy if I had the money but is not on my budget range. So I can only drool while petting this gorgeous bag! :oops:

  • sweetea

    I saw this black croc Lindy in Hermes butique in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta and I had a chance to model it. I love it. I think Lindy is simple and unique. The croc of course that what make the statement. I would buy the croc Lindy if I had the money but is not on my budget range. So I can only drool while petting this gorgeous bag!

  • ck

    With the U.S. dollar being weak in Europe, are the Hermes bags in Europe less than in the U.S. or would I be saving by purchasing one here? I plan to go to Denmark in September. Thank you, I enjoy your web.

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t understand how you get in and out of the bag, looks awkward and also, I was reading the comments about how you carry it, and the bag doesn’t lay flat against your body.

    What do you think about these issues, Megs?

  • Berenice

    my mother has a crocodile lindy in havanne and it’s gorrgeeouuuss. she won’t let me touch it, but whenever she wears it everyone stares at it, because it’s so beautiful and it doesn’t scream Hermès. i’m getting mine (not a croc unfortunately, a swift etoupe) in september and i can’t wait! it’s the perfect bag, you must get one megs!!!

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Megs, I hope that you get that Lindy!! It’d be a good sister to your Blue Jean Birkin!! :)

    Regardless of leather, it really is a stunning bag. :)

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I was just in the store yesterday and tried on Lindy in all colors of the rainbow. I like the 30 cm in togo because it’s more casual than swift leather. Just a lovely bag. Lovely! I want a bluejean which is the only color not available… ~sad

  • lqyb

    I agree with Elizabeth,Wgs,dimon.tried hard to love Lindy[already bought one]but don’t use a bag not only its looks,you need to fell comfortable…

  • Jennifer

    It’s beautiful!!!! but its so cruel to kill a crocodrile just for the skin, is not chic at all to carry a dead animal.

  • katherine lai

    hi, i would like to know how much is the 34cm lindy bag in toga sell
    in hermes boutique in paris or rome?

  • 18Ksub

    Hi there, I have an authentic Lindy 30 croc for sale on my blog,

    Guaranteed authentic, can verify at Hermes if desired.

    Thank you.

  • Lndrlegs

    What is the best color for a faux croc handbag to wear through the seasons?

  • rudeboi

    who in the fuck would pay that for a bag?

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