Ellen Barkin takes a phone call while shopping around Manhattan, NYC

Here’s a fur-wrapped Ellen Barkin carrying a deep purple Hermes Birkin while doing a little shopping in Manhattan. Have you caught Ellen on her new NBC show The New Normal yet? She stars alongside fellow PurseBlog regular and designer bag-enthusiast Nene Leakes. Sadly, her new primetime TV gig seems to leave her less time for hilarious and zany tweets on her infamous Twitter page.

I know how much you guys love Birkins – and especially seeing them in the hands of practically every celeb who walks the Earth on a weekly basis – but I’m curious: is the Birkin a bag that you still aspire to own (if you don’t already)? Or do you feel that the Birkin is overexposed? I think we’ve said almost everything that can be said about the Hermes Birkin at one time or another, so how about some more Ellen Barkin trivia? Did you know she was married to somber Irish hottie Gabriel Byrne for 11 years? Neither did I!

  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska ????? ??????????

    I actually never wanted a Birkin, there are much more fabulous bags out there.

  • Nívia

    Yes, I think you´re right. It´s all been said about this fabulous bag,
    Yes, it´s indeed overexposed, but, who ever mind about it, since each one of us, dream to have one, at least every woman on earth!

  • Nívia

    My God!
    I simply adored her visual, it´s soooo very chic!
    Now, imagine if her Birkin was as the same colour as her coat, ohhhh..I brown Birkin, just like chocolate colour, with this gold metal…

  • http://www.facebook.com/duim.daley Duim Daley

    Well I guess my dreams never coming along, with Hermes raise up forget about Birkin.

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