Hermes Animal 1

Most brands are simply happy to produce a luxurious, cohesive handbag collection each season, but as we all know, Hermes isn’t most brands. The legendary French house consistently takes leather to the next level, and this time, they’ve taken it to the jungle. With a little help from Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann (the two halves of French art studio Zim & Zou), that is.

According to FastCompany’s Co.Create site, Hermes first commissioned a single parrot made of Hermes leather scraps from the duo. After seeing the finished product, though, Hermes decided to populate its own rain forest with a lizard, a monkey and the toucan you see above. The animals are part of Hilton McConnico’s latest exhibit in Hong Kong, but to get a look at them without traveling halfway around the world, check out our slideshow below. [Photos via Co.Create]

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  • Deedee

    Very cool!

  • laura

    WOW! This is actually better than a Hermes handbag, IMO. I’m not a big fan of H bags but I would love to have one of these in my house.

  • Crystal

    And so Buddha told the cow, “in your next life, you shall be a bird.”

  • Christina

    Amazing. Thank you for sharing, this made me smile.

  • louch

    LOVE it! That is so creative. Does Hermes have a sense of humour after all??!!

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