Bethenny Frankel Hermes Birkin

Here’s former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel, literally picking her daughter Bryn up from school in Tribeca. Bethenny is carrying a black Hermes Birkin, one of the many, many Birkins she has in her handbag collection. It’s somewhat surprising when we see Bethenny carrying anything else. (On a quasi-related note, we’ve never seen Bethenny’s daughter Bryn wearing any color other than pink.) You can see Bethenny’s many Birkins via “The Many Bags of Bethenny Frankel.”

Bethenny’s talk show was canned back in February – ratings never picked up steam, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. (It’s possible that someone miscalculated the appeal of a Bravo “Real Housewife” to the daytime TV-watching set.) Since then, Bethenny has turned her focus back to parenting little Bryn, wrapping up her split from estranged husband Jason and expanding her signature Skinny Girl cocktail line into other types of foods and beverages.

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  • Blonde_Closet

    I have such an adverse reaction to a able child of age to walk being pushed in a stroller!

    • sandy

      maybe its easier for her to keep an eye on her daughter in a stroller since she is famous and there are photographers taking pics and being total creeps…

      • Megs Mahoney Dusil

        I also think it can just be the Manhattan life, since there’s so much walking it could end up being pretty tiresome for a toddler to walk. I easily end up walking a mile or two to run errands without realizing it.

  • Zezza

    I love Bethenny ….. Wow just looked at her handbag collection …. Oh my!

  • Kate

    Love her!!

  • shueaddict

    Love Bethenny’s outfit. Casual chic with a little Birkin twist. And kudos for her strong arms for being able to haul her daughter – not much hip ther for the kid to sit on.

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