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  • Blonde_Closet

    I have such an adverse reaction to a able child of age to walk being pushed in a stroller!

    • sandy

      maybe its easier for her to keep an eye on her daughter in a stroller since she is famous and there are photographers taking pics and being total creeps…

      • I also think it can just be the Manhattan life, since there’s so much walking it could end up being pretty tiresome for a toddler to walk. I easily end up walking a mile or two to run errands without realizing it.

  • Zezza

    I love Bethenny ….. Wow just looked at her handbag collection …. Oh my!

  • Kate

    Love her!!

  • shueaddict

    Love Bethenny’s outfit. Casual chic with a little Birkin twist. And kudos for her strong arms for being able to haul her daughter – not much hip ther for the kid to sit on.

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