Hermes Box

… for me to leave the office, head upstairs, lock myself in the new photo studio (that I built over the past week) and get shooting.

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  • That is the new addition I have been so anxiously waiting for!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Carrie

      Did you buy this online??

    • itsmyobsession

      is it the crocodile lindy? If…god. I’ll love your style even more than I do know :) I have exactly the same birkin like you do. The blue jean togo. ^________^

  • Carrie

    How exciting!!

  • Anilu Magloire

    YAY!! Cannot wait to Oh and Ah over it!!

  • article3

    A Bearn???

  • carrie

    Is it a long kelly wallet?

  • Sarah

    What is it????!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Is it exotic??? I can’t wait to see!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • pursehound

    I still stand by orange crocodile kelly long wallet.
    can’t wait to see whatever it is Im sure it’s lovely!!!

  • pursehound

    I still stand by orange crocodile kelly long wallet.
    can’t wait to see whatever it is Im sure it’s lovely!!! :razz:

    • They don’t make the Kelly Long Wallet in Croc… :sad:

  • pursehound

    she surfaces!

    ok so not long wallet… but orange croc ..anything??

    • You are still right on the wallet… it is just not croc :!:

      Pics to come tomorrow of exactly what it is; but there are pictures on the forum now if you want a sneak peak!

  • article3

    Azap? Dogon? I am at a loss here. I feel like I’m guessing further and further away.

  • sari luna

    Oh, Hermes! I’ve been curious about their wallets, but I can’t find it on their site. I can’t wait to see it!

  • Rebecca

    I do not have the patience!!!! I am dying to see this!

  • sugarscrub

    I can’t wait to see this surprise!!! :grin:

  • gonghe

    Okay, Megs….stop torturing us!!! :shock: Show us what’s in the orange box!!!

  • It is coming later, PROMISE!

  • Sweet Pea

    OK, I will wait patiently!!!

  • dyjann

    Open it already Megs! :eek:

  • Kinny

    Unravel the package my pretty!!! :twisted: Is it a spectacular piece that will make me break and get my first Hermes? My birthday is up next month! Hubby told me to choose my present :razz:

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    Is it the Bearn wallet in Orange lizard or ostrich? I love that color and the long wallet so chic.

  • fashionflag

    it’s only for the small hermes wallet or something like belts

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